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Book Review of A Stranger Here By Thelma Hatch Wyss

The Non-existent Romance A Stranger Here, written by Thelma Hatch Wyss, is about a sixteen year old girl named Jada Sinclair who visits her relatives for the summer, and meets the infamous Starr Freeman, the one who died on the same day she was born. This novel takes place in the summer of 1960 and should appeal to those interested in the lives of small tight knit communities, and even if it is marketed for young adults, I doubt this novel will hold much appeal, especially in 2010. Published by HarperTrophy, ISBN: 0-06-447098-9 in 1993. This is historical and takes place in 1960s.   The characters are flat in my view. Minus one flaw Jada sounded a little too perfect; she is able to get along with her aunt and uncle, she is a romantic, keeps her promises and is a good listener. She doesn’t seem to go through any change. The only part I disliked about her is that she is very rude to the boy that likes her. “’What do you mean it doesn’t matter?’ Daniel followed Jada down the row…’I’ve been…

Book Review of The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike

Hidden Mysteries The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike is about five teenagers that have incurable diseases and are dying. But they also created Midnight Club where every day at midnight they meet at a room to tell different tales. In particular it focuses on Ilonka Pawluk as the main character, and tells of her affection and love towards another member, Kevin. There is also focus on different stories that the members tell that range from past lives to modern society and lessons that can be gleaned from all. There is also a hint of a supernatural force at play. Published by Archway Paperback in February of 1994, ISBN is 0-671-87263-X. Despite the young adult label, this book should appeal to all ages (I doubt this will appeal to little children), especially those who love supernatural elements in stories, and to Christopher Pike diehard fans (I myself am almost one,) although due to eastern theories of reincarnation, I doubt this novel will appeal to serious Christians. This is superna…