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Planned Books

Books that need to be reviewed:The Promise-Chaim PotokCoyote Dreams-Jessica Davis SteinThe Foreign Student-Susan Choi'Till Morning Comes-Han SuyinBooks I will read or am reading:The Joy Luck Club-Amy TanThe Fellowship of the ring-J.R.R TolkienGone with the wind-Margaret MitchellThe First wives club-Olivia GoldsmithThe Mysteries of Udolpho-Ann RadcliffeSavage Conquest-Janelle TaylorWhisper of Death-Christopher Pike

The Joy Luck Club Help Guide

Warning: Spoilers alert. 
Jing-mei "June" Woo: daughter of Suyuan Woo
The Twenty Six Malignant Gates

8. Two Kinds
June begins to describe how America presented unlimited opportunities for her mother. Her mother desired for her to become a prodigy and both attempted through various methods to choose one for her. At first June was eager for the idea, but then she hated it and attempted to resist it. Finally the mother forced her to learn piano. June does everything she can to ruin it by not practicing properly. At the talent show she cared more for her appearance than skill and embarrassed herself and the mother by playing badly. Years passed and the mother gave the piano as a present for June and June briefly mentions how in other ways she has disappointed her mother. June decides to retune the piano and finds a song that she played at the recital, 'pleading child' and then discovers another one called 'perfectly contented' and she called both …

Planned Books

As of Saturday, August 21st 2010Books I'm trying to finish:Gone with the wind-Margaret Mitchell 720/1037The Promise-Chaim Potok 197/381The Mysteries of Udolpho-Ann Radcliffe-223/620Books awaiting book reviews:Coyote Dream-Jessica Davis SteinThe Foreign Student-Susan Choi'Till Morning Comes-Han SuyinBooks I might read next:Whisper of Death-Christopher PikeFirst Wives' Club-Olivia GoldsmithThe Chosen-Chaim PotokSavage Conquest-Janelle TaylorThe Joy Luck Club-Amy Tan

Quick Note: I will not focus on love scenes on romance novels. I might mention whether or not I found them good, but that's it. My focus is more on characters and plot than romance scenes. Hope everyone understands that.

Planned books to review

Books I'm reading and how close I am to finishing themAs of August 18th, Wednesday 2010Coyote Dreams-Jessica Davis Stein 241/364The Foreign Student-Susan Choi 252/325The Mysteries of Udolpho-Ann Radclife 205/620'Till Morning Comes-Han Suyin 572/620Gone with the wind-Margaret Mitchell 687/1037The Promise-Chaim Potok 115/381
Books I'm planning on reading after start of college:The First Wives Club-Olivia GoldsmithThe Chosen-Chaim PotokSavage Conquest-Janelle TaylorThe Tao of Sex-Jade LeeNatural Born Charmer-Susan Elizabeth PhillipsThe Joy Luck Club-Amy TanQuick Note: I will not focus on love scenes on romance novels. I might mention whether or not I found them good, but that's it. My focus is more on characters and plot than romance scenes. Hope everyone understands that.

Book Review of The Veritas Conflict by Shaunti Feldhahn

A Schizophrenics Tale Name of the Book: The Veritas Conflict

Author Name: Shaunti Feldhahn

ISBN: 1-57673-708-X

Publisher: Mulnomah Publishers

Type of book: Adult, christian, religious, contemporary

Year it was published: 2000

Normally this is not a book I read for fun. Under any circumstances, I wouldn't have even touched it with a fifty foot pole, but because of my friend, I had to read it. At the time my friend was encountering difficulties with reading it and so he asked me to read it, promising me a dinner at my favorite restaurant along with a book at half price books under five dollars. I care for my friend a lot, so I agreed to read it. 

This whole book was completely ridiculous in my opinion, and of course, my friend being a kind of a person that loves converting anything that moves, (an extreme Christian in other words who attempted to convert for me for the last three years,) I didn't expect anything less than that. If it wasn't for me knowing of my friend's menta…

Book Review of Breathing Room by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Claustrophobic Room Name of Book: Breathing Room

Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

ISBN: 0-06-103209-3  or 978-0-06-103209-7

Publisher: Avon Books

Type of book: Adult, contemporary, romance

Year it was published: 2002

Quick Note: I will not focus on love scenes in there to be honest. This is something private and my blog is not made for that. I will focus on plot and characters in there however.

For a college graduation present, a friend gave me Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Natural Born Charmer. I read the novel a number of times and loved it for its unpredictability and characters. The first few pages for me were award winning and hilarious. I enjoyed the storyline and even the ending. (Normally I'm not the type that likes happy endings,). So when I saw this novel, I thought I could expect the same thing; likable characters and an ending that really touches one's heart. What I didn't expect is to feel alienated by the book and disliking the characters.

There are four characte…

Reading History Part III: James Clavell's Asian Saga

Reading History Part III: James Clavell's Asian Saga
To be fair, these are the novels I have read: Shogun, Taipan and Gaijin. I have made attempts to finish Noble House but wasn't able to. Since finishing up a review on Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka, I couldn't help but started to think of James Clavell, in particular the three novels I have read. While some parts were informative with Asian culture, I detested all three novels which I will go into in the next several paragraphs. I will briefly discuss the novels then move on to my reactions towards them. 
I cannot remember how I have heard of them, maybe through amazon, maybe by luck, I forget, but I remember starting with Shogun I believe, or was it Gaijin, I forget.I started reading these books when I was in high school, possibly a junior or a senior (I was eighteen or nineteen at the time,) Shogun is about an Englishman working for dutch people who goes looking for the mysterious Island of Japan. The book began s…

Reading History Part II: Asian Male and White Female Novels

Reading History Part II: Asian Male and White Female Novels
For the people who are in interracial relationships it is difficult and an almost impossible task to find novels that portray their relationships in an accurate way, especially for those who love reading, it becomes twice as difficult. Although things are a slightly more easier now, and the novels are more varied, that difficulty is there. And what if you're an atypical reader? You want to read more in depth novels rather than cookie cutter 'happily ever after'? In this part I will discuss some novels that are more atypical in nature and that deal with Asian male and white female pairings. I will discuss Marguerite Duras' novel, a rewriting of sorts titled The North China Lover, as well as Han Suyin's 'Till Morning Comes and Susan Choi's Foreign Student and Kate Furnivall's Russian Series (Will be reading Jewel of St Petersburg soon.Unfortunately I haven't been able to discover atypical Japa…

Book Review of #3 Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas

Slow River Name of book: Vicomte de Bragelonne

Author name: Alexandre Dumas

ISBN: 978-0-19-283463-8

Publisher: Oxford

Type of book: Adult or young adult, historical, one of French classics, 17th century, Louis XIV

Year it was published in: 1995 (originally was from 1847-1850?)

Part of a series: D'Artagnan Romances


It is May 1660 and the fate of nations is at stake. Mazarin plots, Louis XIV is in love, and Raoul de Bragelonne, son of Athos, is intent on serving France and winning the heart of Louise de la Valliere. D’Artagnan, meanwhile is perplexed by a mysterious stranger, and soon he learns that his old comrades already have great projects in hand. Athos seeks the restoration of Charles II, while Aramis, with Porthos in tow, has a secret plan involving a masked stranger and the fortification of the island of Belle-Ile. D’Artagnan finds a thread leading him to the French court, the banks of the Tyne, the beaches of Holland, and the dunes of Brittany. The Vicomte de Bragelonne o…

Reading History Part I: Christopher Pike

Reading History Part I: Discussion of Christopher PikeBooks have been a very large part of my life. In this post I will discuss my history with reading Christopher Pike novels, as well as favorite and least favorite novels that I like. The outline shall be like this; history of reading Christopher Pike's novels, then discussion of favorite novels and then discussion of least favorite novels. 
My earliest memories of reading Christopher Pike emerged at the time I was a preteen reading R.L Stine books. I recall that during or before 1997 I heard mention of him from my sister's friend's older sister who had a collection. There was an encouragement that I should try him out. 
Possibly around the time I became a teenager I checked out two Pike books from the library, See you Later and Whisper of Death.  At the time, or perhaps because they were very different from Stine's novels, and also due to alien nature in See You Later, immediately I was warned off from Pike. The second…

My Reading List: August 2010

Books I am reading now:Gone with the Wind by Margaret MitchellCoyote Dreams by Jessica Davis SteinThe Foreign Student by Susan Choi'Till Morning Comes by Han SuyinBreathing Room by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsThe Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann RadcliffeMiriam's Tambourine by Howard Schwartz Books I have finished:The Immortal by Christopher PikeThe Lost Mind by Christopher PikeDance of Death by R.L StineThe Three Musketeers by Alexandre DumasTwenty Years After by Alexandre DumasTHe Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre DumasThe Red Tent by Anita DiamantCloud of SparrowsBook I decided to drop:LIttle Women by Louisa May Alcott