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Planned Books

Books I'm reading: 
The Kitchen God's Wife-Amy Tan 399/532
The Mysteries of Udolpho- Anne Radcliffe 528/620
Louise de laValliere- Alexandre Dumas 140/671
The Chosen- Chaim Potok 255/291
The First Wives' Club- Olivia Goldsmith 273/513
Story of the Stone Vol 1. The Happy Golden Days-Xueqin Cao 66/525
Books/Sagas I decided to drop
Fear Street Saga Books 1-16 by R.L Stine
1. A New Fear
2. House of Whispers
3. Forbidden Secrets
4. The Sign of Fear
5. The Hidden Evil
6. Daughters of Silence
7. Children of Fear
8. Dance of Death
9. Heart of the hunter
10. The Awakening Evil
11. Circle of Fire
12. Chamber of Fear
13. Faces of Terror
14. One Last Kiss
15. Door of Death
16. The Hand of Power
Books that are waiting for reviews
The Fear Street Saga
1. The Betrayal
2. The Secret
3. The Burning
The Promise-Chaim Potok
'Till Morning Comes-Han Suyin
The Secret Life of the bees-Sue Monk Kidd
Coyote Dream-Jessica Davis Stein
Gone with the wind-Margaret Mitchell
Future Books
The Story of th…

Planned books

How far I am along:
Books I'm reading:
The Mysteries of Udolpho-Ann Radcliffe 473/620
The secret life of bees-Sue Monk Kidd 189/302
The chosen-Chaim Potok 149/291
The kitchen god's wife-Amy Tan 237/532
Louise de la Valliere- Alexandre Dumas 85/671
The First wives club-Olivia Goldsmith 196/513

Planned Books

Books that are awaiting reviews:
'Till Morning Comes-Han Suyin
Gone with the wind-Margaret Mitchell
Coyote Dreams-Jessica Davis Stein
The Promise-Chaim Potok
Books that I'm reading:
The First Wives Club-Olivia Goldsmith
Louise de la Valliere-Alexandre Dumas
THe Kitchen God's wife-Amy Tan
THe Mysteries of Udolpho-Ann Radcliffe
The Chosen-Chaim Potok
THe Secret life of bees-Sue Monk Kidd
Books I'm planning to read:
The eternal enemy-Christopher Pike
The hundred secret senses-Amy Tan
D'Artagnan Romances- Alexandre Dumas
5. The Man in the iron mask
The north china lover-Marguerite Duras
The story of the stone-Xueqin Cao
1. The golden days
2. The crab-flower club
3. The warning voice
4. The debt of tears
5. The dreamer wakes
R.L Stine:
Cheerleaders Trilogy
1. The First evil
2. The second evil
3. The third evil
Silent Night Trilogy
1. Silent Night 1
2. Silent Night 2
3. Silent Night 3
99 Fear Street: The house of evil
1. The First horror
2. The second horror
3. The third h…