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A Notice

Due to scholastic reasons I will not read or post reviews for the time being. Once school will be over I will start doing it again. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.

Children's Lit Books

Books I've read so far
1/13/11: The Funny Guy-G Hogarth, 1955
1/17/11: Nothing's Fair in 5th grade- Barthe DeClements, 1981
1/18/11: The Hundred Dresses- Eleanor Estes, 1944
1/18/11: The hot and cold summer- Johanna Hurwitz, 1984
1/19/11: Ready-made family- Frances Salomon Murphy, 1953
1/20/11: Be careful what you wish for- R.L. Stine 1993
1/20/11: Alice in wonderland- Lewis Carroll, 1865
1/21/11: Alice through looking glass- Lewis Carroll, 1865
1/23/11: The Magic tunnel- Caroline Emerson 1940
1/25/11: The pizza puzzle- Susan Beth Pfeffer, 1996
1/25/11: Fables- Arnold Babel, 1980
1/25/11: Number the stars- Lois Lowry, 1989
1/26/11: The boys start the war- Phyllis Reynolds Naylor 1993
1/28/11: The girls get even- Phyllis Reynolds Naylor 1993
1/30/11: Sweet Valley Twins Superchillers The Christmas Ghost-Francine Pascal, 1989
1/30/11 Sweet Valley Twins Superchillers The ghost in the graveyard-Francine Pascal 1990
2/1/11: Sweet Valley Twins Superchillers The carnival ghost-Francin…