Book Review of Coyote Dreams by Jessica Davis Stein

Life's Treasure
Name of Book: Coyote Dream

Published by:  NAL Accent

Author Name: Jessica Davis Stein

ISBN: 0-451-21315-7

Type of Book: Adult

Year it was published in: 2004


For Sarah Friedman, the chance to journey to the Southwest to buy Native Indian art for her family’s successful New York store comes at a time of personal transition. Determined to put aside romantic disappointments, she seeks new perspectives in the serenity of the vast desert landscape. Then her car breaks down near the home of a solitary artist on the Navajo reservation…
After years of turmoil, Ben Lonefeather has finally gained control of his life. He devotes his days to his work and caring for the coyotes he rescued as pups. When Sarah Friedman shows up stranded, he grudgingly offers her a room. Their practical arrangement deepens into a connection that leaves them both passionately alive, profoundly changed…and shattered by circumstances that will separate them. As Sarah and Ben seek to build meaningful lives, they will be forced to choose between love and duty, commitment and freedom-and learn to fight for what matters most…

The characters are well rounded and are full of humanity. It's really difficult to hate them. The main characters are Ben and Sarah. I enjoyed reading their conversations and the impact that Ben had on her. Ben himself is also an admirable and a likable character. He may not be college intelligent like Sarah, but he doesn't give up easily and Sarah also had a profound effect on him and in a way taught him to care about people. The secondary characters also were interesting and rounded, such as Maria Farrell, a beautiful woman of Hopi origins.
I would think that the main theme of the novel is that its okay not to settle for second best and to also not give up and reach for the stars.

The story is told from third point of view, mostly Ben and Sarah's, but other characters such as Sarah's father, Sam, and Maria Farrell also tell their sides briefly. It's easy to follow along the characters. At the end of the story there aren't questions left unanswered and whatnot.

Author Information: 

Jessica Davis Stein is a family therapist, married to television director Herb Stein. THey have two children and live in Los Angeles. Visit the author's web site, 

I was searching for interracial romances when I saw this book. A Jewish woman and a Native American pairing intrigued me. I checked it out from the library in 2009  I believe and loved it. This book came on my birthday. I love its pace and how the days within it hold on to one another without interruption. The Native American hero is completely different than in typical romance novels, and this book seems more human. It's honestly a shame that Jessica Davis Stein hasn't written anymore books for me to enjoy. This also seems a perfect mixture of reality and movie magic. Really difficult to describe.
4 out 5

(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)


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