Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Second Story: The Sword of Moses

Name of story: The Sword of Moses

Origin: Iraqi Kurdistan

Page Numbers: 39- 47


Before Moses dies, he speaks of a sword and shield that should protect the Jews. After death, no one knows where the sword is located and how it can be found.

In Kurdistan there are three young Jews who desire to find the sword to help their family. They set out to travel to the mountains. The three friends also debate on their expectations when it comes to the sword and what it could do once they find it.

A blind old man has heard of their quest and asks a servant to bury the sword in the village land and direct the Jews towards it. Once they'll unearth the sword, they will be arrested. The servant does as he's instructed.

They are brought before the blind head of the village who then accuses them of plotting a rebellion to overthrow the neighbors. They deny this charge and the eldest one, the clever one tells him they are seeking Sword of Moses to sell it for money. If the blind man lets them go, he promises him half a share in whatever money they get. The man doesn't believe they'll find the sword, but he finds the promise compelling so he lets them go. (They won't ever sell the sword should they find it.) Thus, they are able to continue to the quest.

A difficulty then arises, for they don't know which direction to go to. After pondering some more and coming up with conclusions that they must find the shield as well, they decide to go to the tallest mountain.

After climbing the mountain, they spot a cave and enter inside. As soon as they enter, they spot a stream and in that stream there's a golden fish!

They run after it and one of them grabs it and when he turns it over, he spots an unusual word written in Hebrew, but they have no idea how to pronounce it. They try it, and the eldest one gets it.

As soon as he says the word, they find themselves standing outside of the cave on the base of the mountain. After a discussion they decide not to use the word until they learn more about it.

They, of course, are unaware that the blind man sends his servant and several henchmen after them. The blind man orders his servant to kill the three Jews and take their possessions without opening them. They begin climbing the mountain, but the villagers are more successful at it.

Just when there's no place for them to go, the eldest one pronounced the word, which is now identified as the G-d's name, the peak of the nearest mountain moved so they could step on it. They say the name again and the mountain moved away.

Then they pondered how great the power of name was, and they also understood that the sword was not an actual sword but in fact was a name. The quest was successful.

Theme: Let the heritage be one's protection

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