Friday, December 16, 2011

Something special for Holidays

Well, it's December; time for "Holiday" themes to come out in forms of red, white and green, with the jolly old man in a red suit, and for people who are religious, it's time for Christmas, which seems to be everywhere in December, (and in some cases, as early as October. Wonder if next time I'll see on 29th September Christmas items already?) Also its time for arguments for "merry Christmas vs happy holidays," and time for gift giving on December 25th.

However, there are plenty of people and corporations and whatnot that are already doing everything special "holiday" themed for December 25th, thus I won't join in the crowd. Instead I'll do something special for the much often ignored holiday of December, and that's Chanukkah. I have an idea of using Miriam's Tambourine eight stories by Howard Schwartz and perhaps talking about miracles; after all, the story of Chanukkah is a miracle happening after desecration of the temple and the oil that's supposed to last for only one day instead lasted for eight days.

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