Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baucis and Philemon

Story Origin:

Ovid. (There's a somewhat similar in Greek Myths, but names and circumstances are completely different. Flood is only thing they have in common.)

Story Summary:

Whenever Jupiter tired of being on Mount Olympus, he grew curious about mortal lives, and with his companion Mercury, the two descended on earth for some adventures.

One day they descended to the town called Phrygia as poor travelers to see how the people would receive them. No matter where they went to, they were shunned and turned away until they went into a hovel where they were greeted by an old couple; Baucis and Philemon.

There they treated the gods like royalty by giving them delicious food to eat, and nice drinks as well. When they exhausted their efforts in catching a goose, however, Jupiter stopped them and told them who they were, and told them as well that he flooded the entire countryside with water.

He gave them a temple where they can worship him and asked them if they desired something. Philemon asked to be their priests, and for him and his wife to die at the same time since they lived together for too long. Pleased, Jupiter granted their wishes.

Years later, the two reminisced about the past, and very soon they noticed leaves and trunks growing from their bodies. They had only time to cry out "farewell" before they turned into tress; one an oak and another a linden tree growing from the same trunk.

For years people would come and admire the trees, wondering the mystery of it all.


I think the only lesson one could learn from the myth is not to be mean to anyone and to treat people with respect, for you never know who they really are.

Romeo and Juliet qualities:

Dying together would be the only one.


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