Friday, February 10, 2012

Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler

Story Origin:

Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell. (Click here for a review.) 

Story Summary:

(The book itself a little over a thousand pages. I will skip over most of the things though. Very sorry.)

This book begins in 1861, when Scarlett O'Hara was sixteen years old and goes to a ball where she overhears a dreadful message that the man she loves, Ashley Wilkes, will be marrying Melanie Hamilton whom Scarlett holds in contempt.

At the same ball, as she's having a conversation in the library with Ashley in hopes of eloping with him, she grows angry with his words and actions and slaps him as well as throws the vase. This wakes up Rhett Butler who set the South against him by being truthful about how civil war will play out.

Scarlett, out of anger and spite, marries Melanie's brother Charles Hamilton who is supposed to be a fiancé for one of Ashley's sisters, either India or Honey Wilkes. He dies and leaves her with a child. Her mother, worried about her, moves her to Aunt Pittypat, Melanie's aunt. During that time, Rhett visits her constantly, courting her, bringing her gifts and even having her break Southern traditions of wearing black for the rest of your life and even having her dance with him. He even tries in his own way to help her escape the burning of Atlanta with Melanie who recently gave birth to a son.

After many tragedies and sufferings, Scarlett returns back to Atlanta in hopes of finding someone who will help her with saving Tara, and after making a debacle of herself in front of Rhett who was stuck in jail and useless, although he gave her good advice in entrapping a man, she seduces and marries her sister's beau. During that time she saves Tara, started a mill business and helped her husband have a successful store. Even when she became pregnant, she continues to break more and more Southern traditions of life. Rhett, meanwhile acts as her escort.

At one point somebody almost rapes her or something and her husband gets killed. Rhett comes over, makes a proposal and she accepts it.

One would think that since the couple match, perhaps they will have happiness, but such is not the case. Scarlett is afraid of being taken care of, thus she doesn't show any affection or love towards Rhett, although she's starting to finally love him. Rhett feels that Scarlett doesn't love him at all no matter what he does thus he starts going out for drinks and also going to whorehouses. They do have a child together, Bonnie, but sadly enough, the little girl dies.

Very soon, due to miscarriage, Melanie dies and asks Scarlett to take care of Ashley and also tells her to take care of Rhett because he loves her so. After doing some soul searching, Scarlett realizes that she loved Rhett all along and when she attempts to make confession to him, it doesn't work and Rhett leaves her. Scarlett then vows to try and get him again, and the book ends.


This book isn't purely romance, but instead it has adventure, history, philosophy, psychology, for any reader, male or female.

Romeo and Juliet qualities:

Unhappy ending, a love triangle of sorts, both were held in contempt by society, although at one time held powerful positions.


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