Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Simon and Zoe

Story Origin:

The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause (Click here to read my review.)

Story Summary:

Zoe is a seventeen year old girl who enjoys writing dark poetry and unfortunately has a mother dying of cancer in a hospital, as well as her best friend Lorraine moving away. She and her father are not close and she seems to have a danger streak of sorts. One day while walking at a park at night, she comes upon Simon whom she finds beautiful.

Simon has a body of a teenager, but in fact he's a vampire who tries to avenge his mother by trying to kill his brother Christopher, another vampire who has a body of a child and does sick things to women.

The two as well meet a number of times; Simon follows her home a few times, (doesn't sneak up into her room though.) and somehow love blossoms between them. At some point Simon tells her about the vampire's curse, and of his family history. Zoe also shares her pains with him, the fact that her mother is dying of cancer, that she and her dad are isolated from one another by the pain, and that she's angry and feeling powerless over the situations.

At one time, the two visit Zoe's mother and she desires for her mother to become as Simon, but he shoots that hope down, and soon, Zoe agrees to help him stop his brother, Christopher.

Without spoilers, things begin to wrap up for Zoe; she makes up with Lorraine with whom she had a fight about her lack of understanding, and also makes up with her father and helps Simon make peace with the world.

In the end she becomes more understanding of life and has a coming of age thing going on.


In some parts the book is boring, but there's some kind of a charm about it that refuses to let me go. I think its a good story, and its not well, Twilight where it has weak characters. Simon and Zoe are a strong couple, Zoe is a strong young woman who makes the change she needs to do so.

Romeo and Juliet qualities:

I don't think its the forbidden love aspect, but I think its the fact that the characters dont' end up being together, as well as trying to mature, (unlike Romeo and Juliet.) I only know that I enjoy this story a great deal and would recommend it to everyone if I could.


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