Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Challenge A-Z #8 The Year the Horses Came by Mary Mackey

Fulfilling the requirement:

The Y requirement for the tile, alphabetically


The year is 4372 B.C.E a beautiful girl is poised on the brink of womanhood and her culture is about to undergo one of the most momentous transformations in human history.

So begins Mary Mackey's dazling tale, a page-turning saga that revisits the wild and panoramic beauty of ancient Europe to tell a story of extraordinary love and passion in the midst of intrigue and war.

The Year the Horses came vividly evokes the violent moment in prehistory when marauding nomads brought horses, male gods and war to a Europe that had known peace for thousands of years. Against this perilous backdrop, a passionate, dangerous love develops between Marrah, a brave and gifted priestess, and Stavan, one of hte warriors sent to invade her peace-loving land. Brilliantly capturing the lives of those women and men caught in this life-shattering crossfire, Mackey traces the young Marrah's treacherous path across Europe, from the shores of Brittany and hte cave paintings of western France to the temples of Sardinia and the Steppes of the East. Though Marrah finds barbarism, the brutalization of women, and environmental destruction, her stunning journey also reveals the human capacity for love, compassion, and enduring faith.

Lesson learned:

The clash between opposite cultures and mindset will be very great and violent.

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