Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Challenge A-Z #51 Kenjiro by Pat Barr

Fulfilling the requirement:

The K letter for the title of the book, alphabetically.


Kenjiro...the ambitious, handsome samurai, who fought the barriers of race and sin that stood between him and the beautiful white "barbarian" he loved.

Elinor...the stunning Englishwoman, caught in a spell of intrigue and violence, enchantment and ecstasy, torn between two ways of life- and love.

Ryo...Kenjiro's sister, who traded a traditional future for a forbidden love and an independent life.

Felix...the proper Victorian, forever loving women he could not truly possess, from the married woman who broe his child to the young Japanese girl he was forbidden to marry.

Lesson learned:

Research, research, research!... Oh wait, you mean from the book? It's possible to find Asian men classy, but only if they act European.

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