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G87 E-Reading Book Review of Fire Always Burns by Krista Lakes

Name of Book: Fire Always Burns

Author: Krista Lakes

ISBN: 9781482605655

Publisher: CreateSpace

Type of book: second chances, 2000s, mistakes, secrets, friendship, adult, romance, Conifer, fire, mountain

Year it was published: 2013


Fire always burns. Three friends just have to make sure that it doesn't burn them.

Holly managed to escape the boring mountain town where she was born by going to college. However, she found herself having too many wild nights and too many mornings of waking up in unfamiliar beds to keep her scholarship. Now that's she's back in Conifer, she has no idea what she is going to do with her life and no hope for the future.

Luke's little brother is miserable after being shuffled away from his friends and family after his parents' bitter divorce. Luke feels helpless, and he will do anything it takes to bring his little brother home where he belongs.

Andrew's father died a couple years ago in an electrical accident, leaving him to care for his distraught mother. More than anything, he wants to move on and escape this small town to follow his dreams, but his mother would be lost without someone to take care of her.

When these three friends reconnect, Holly comes up with a plan, a plan that will change all their lives for the better. She knows that to start a fire, all it takes is a spark. However, as the sparks ignite and begin to burn, she realizes that she may have stood too close to the flame, and the torch she carries for Andrew burns brighter than ever.

Will Holly manage to rekindle old loves, or will the destructive fire in their hearts consume everything they hold dear?

**Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.


For some odd reason I felt strangely detached from the characters. To an extent I did understand their motivations and whatnot but there seemed to be something missing in the story. I think I would have liked to know more about Holly's back story, and also in the summary, it would have been nice if the fact she slept wasn't revealed because the author meant it as a suspense, I believe, and if you already know from get-go what happened, then there doesn't seem to be lack of suspense.


There are always second chances for love


This is written in first person narrative from Holly's point of view, although there are brief interruptions towards the end where Andrew narrates what happens in third person. The story is detailed, although I felt that a lot of it is rushed towards the end.

Author Information:


Contemporary, Romance, Chick Lit

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December 2012

About this author
Krista Lakes is a newly turned 30 year old who recently rediscovered her passion for writing. She loves aquatic life and running marathons. She is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming and her bouncing baby boy.


I have to admit that I really like the book cover. Although the summary of the book tends to be accurate, the most this book is dealing with is Holly, Andrew and the parents. There is a little bit about Luke, but not as much as the summary would have one believe. I would have liked to know more about Holly and why she was with someone who tended to be a bad influence on her. Also one of the plots involving Luke isn't resolved, and the fact that Luke accepted what happened is a little too short for my tastes. I liked the blend of secrecy, the story of fire in beginning of each chapter and the story's style and language.

Quick notes: I would like to thank the author for the opportunity to read and review the book.

4 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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