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G46 Letters from Your Future reaching for yoru highest potential in times fo great change

Title of the book: The Letters Project, Messages from The Ascended Masters Letters from your Future Reaching for your highest potential int times for great change

Author: Brett L Bowden

Publisher: Publish Green

Publishing Date: 2008

ISBN: 9780615708027


Dear Ones,

We have been sending Humanity instructional letters for some time now. the Letters, collectively known as The Letters Project, started in 2007 and will continue until Humanity has reached its full potential and it is deemed that they will no longer be needed. These Letters are instructions about life and hwo life works from teh perspective of the Spiritual Realm in which we reside.

We go by many names for there are many of us here who want to communicate these truths to you. We work through the spiritual energy named Jaipur and are collectively known to this channel as The Counsel of Divine Wisdom. We are energies that reside in teh upper realms of existence. In your modern day temrs you might say that we are Ascended Masters although that term you use has restrictions, but it will suffice for these purposes.

It is our intent to show you a new way, another way for Humanity to exist. Indeed, if you are pleased with what you see and feel around you, then this message will have no meaning for you. However, if youa re not pleased with the present condition in which you perceive your world, then you now have a golden opportunity to change it. You can do this by changing your perception of what you see around you and in doing this you will begin to change your life, your world and yourself.

Where will your road take you? Go inside yourself and seek the insights of your soul in hte silent moments. It will know the way.

The world of your highest imaginings is within your reach.

Other Works: 

I think this is the author's first book. He doesn't seem to have any other writings.

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Theme of book:

"Put these words, these concepts to good use to make a better world for yourself, your loved ones and for all of those around you. In doing so you will create your Heaven on Earth and all will be blessed because of it." (23)

Problem addressed:

"These messages read as letters. Indeed they were sent to me one at a time. They are brief but to the point and they address what will be happening during our earth change. They talk about how life really works and how things really are. As of now, the first book is complete and I'm writing this introduction last. It is May 19, 2008. Many of the changes that they speak of are in my future and have not taken place. So I'm taking a chance and letting them gently guide me. With all that has taken place in my life, and my full knowledge that I'm really not the one writing the messages, I do trust the information provided." (22)


Letters 1-28 talk about how people can improve themselves and their situations, as well as going into law of attraction and the beauty of G-d and creation, while letters 29-40 address common problems such as who am I and so forth.


"The energy that was placed within the words of this book is a loving energy. This book is meant to help those that are seeking answers to what is happening. It is meant to heal and to help those that are struggling with some of life's biggest questions. These are the reasons that you now hold this book in your hands. You see, you brought yourself here. You might not know it or understand it right now, but you were guided here, to the words on these pages and you will find the answers you seek." (22)

Main Points:

There are 40 short letters with a preface, introduction and epilogue. The book is also divided into three sections. First section: "The Journey to Enlightenment isn't a Journey...It's an Announcement." This section contains introduction and 12 letters. Second section: "There are layers in your understanding of reality and that is what will be under examination next. This will give you a better understanding fo how life works on your planet." This section contains letters 13-27. The last section: "You are all one. Therefore, you think alike, you act alike and you ask for help with common challenges. We respond." This section contains letters 28-40 and contains epilogue.

Why the book is interesting and informative:

I have to admit that I will probably re-read this book when I feel that I'm not overwhelmed with reading other books. A lot of the things that the author covered was covered in book by Jan Deelstra, I think. I did find it interesting how the author led a lot of things up to divinity and how he discussed waves of positive energy and so forth.

Address Issues book raises:

The issues that the book raises is how not to be stuck in the mire as well as how things can improve for the individual and so forth.

Book Ideas vs larger ideas:

The way this book can impact the larger world is the fact that there's more divinity and spirit guides than one would think.


I think that I'm neutral about the things in there. I didn't disagree, nor did I agree.


Unfortunately the book sources aren't really available for the book.


I think this book is a worthy read because its short and to the point and is filled with love for the intended audience. I will re-read it at a later date and will be more detailed in this review.

Quick notes: I won this book on goodreads.com thus this review will appear in its entirety on goodreads as well as the blog

 4 out of 5
 (0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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