Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank you note

Today is the beginning of a Jewish holiday named Yom Kippur. My family doesn't celebrate it, and I have never learned how to fast, but one thing about Yom Kippur is asking for forgiveness, which I am of authors and people that have mentioned my humble blog on their websites without me mentioning them in the past. I also would like to thank my readers and fans for coming over and reading my reviews, and for giving me a chance to grow and spread my wings. Thank you!

Some people that I know that have mentioned my blog are:

Jan Deelstra

Kelli Dawn

Cristiane Serruya

Emma Bennet

Mary Merrell

Aaron Powell

Jocelyn from

Susan Blumberg-Kason

and Rebecca Joy for mentioning me on youtube

Thanks once more!

I also would like to thank TLC book Tours, Sage's Book Tours and PixelPR for giving me a chance to prove myself as well as many wonderful books and authors to discover.

My friends Mary who helped me open more doors than I thought would be possible, and Jennifer Wakefield who is a good listener as well as a good advice giver.

Let me know if I have left anyone out and I will add you on here too.

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