Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Quick Note

Wow, only six book reviews this month. Amazing is all I'll say. For those that expected a lot more, I do apologize, but I do promise that in January there will be a lot more to reviews to savor and enjoy as well as amazing new books to discover. I will start making a few changes on my blog: For one is that instead of multiple blog pages to find something desirable, there will be only one page :)

I also am planning on creating something I would call Progress For a Week where I will list upcoming book tours that will be published the chosen week, and perhaps more of Jewish/General history articles, or some more of my own opinions about different things.

I really don't feel comfortable revealing my lack of personal life on my blog, which is my I don't write or post anything relating to it: what exactly shall I tell, if I were to reveal it? Just same actions that are repeatable over and over.

Besides, as time has proven over and over, whatever one posts on the Internet, will bite them sooner or later when it comes to personal life. 

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