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Youtube Readings

Well, I've began to do Youtube Readings just like I planned on last year. Sorry for being late but stuff has happened. Anyways, here's the link and enjoy! The first video is of The Foreign Student by Susan Choi, first chapter anyways.

The Foreign Student by Susan Choi-Chapter 1

G250 Book Review of The Black Song Inside by Carlyle Clark

Name of Book: The Black Song Inside

Author: Carlyle Clark

ISBN: 978-1-477-84916-3

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

Type of book: Mexico, African-American male/Latina female pairing, drugs, cartels, inhuman antagonist, message, mystery, human trafficking, investigators

Year it was published: 2013


Atticus Wynn and Rosemary Sanchez, newly engaged private investigators, have seen the dark and violent side of life, but nothing has prepared them for an explosive murder investigation that threatens to tear their relationship apart. They struggle to solve a case that as a best result could leave them in prison or dead. Atticus's manipulative ex-girlfriend bursts back into their lives wielding a secret about Rosemary's family. She exploits the fact to force the couple into investigating the execution-style slaying of her lover. The case thrusts Atticus and Rosemary headlong into the world of human trafficking and drug smuggling, while rendering them pawns in Tijuana Cartel captain Arman…

G273 E-Reading Taking Charge of Your Life; How to Get What You Need with Choice-Theory Psychology

Title of the book: Take Charge of Your Life: How to Get What You Need with Choice-Theory Psychology

Author: William Glasser


Publishing Date: 2011

ISBN: 9781462037438


Are you seeking a happier and more satisfying life? In "Take Charge of Your Life, " author Dr. William Glasser details the choice theory-a science of human behaviors and principles for regaining and maintaining internal control-and the role it can play in helping you regain your personal freedom and choice. "Take Charge of Your Life, " a revision of his 1984 book, "Control Theory, " includes choice-theory applications. He explains choice theory using personal examples and illustrative stories that allow you to learn how to improve your relationships and take charge of your actions. Topics include marital and relationship problems, parenthood, alcoholism, diseases, and psychosomatic disorders. For each situation discussed, Glasser ties behavior to the pictures of w…

Giveaway for Shadows in the Sun By Gayathri Ramprasad

Hey everyone, next week I will be hosting a review for Shadows in the Sun by Gayathri Ramprasad, a wonderful true story about an Indian woman who explores how depression had an impact on her life, and today I'm doing a giveaway of one copy for it! In order to be in a giveaway, you must either live in Canada or America and must leave a meaningful comment on this entry along with your email. Here's a picture and summary of it and the day you'll see the review of this wonderful book is on March 2nd, 2014. The giveaway will be from February 25th, 2014 up until March 8th, 2014

Everyone who struggles with a mental illness, or who knows anyone with depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness, must read this engrossing true story of courage in the face of heartbreaking adversity.”
—Dilip V. Jeste, MD, president, American Psychiatric Association

As a young girl in Bangalore, Gayathri was surrounded by the fragrance of jasmine and flickering oil lamps, her family protected by Hin…

G258 Book Review of Three Souls by Janie Chang

Name of Book: Three Souls

Author: Janie Chang

ISBN: 978-0-06-229319-0

Publisher: William Morrow

Type of book: 1920s-1930s, China, Opium, wars, movies, afterlife, three souls, supernatural, dreams, marriage, first love, Communism, education, reading, ghost, making amends, friendship, sisterhood, status of women

Year it was published: 2013


We have three souls, or so I'd been told. But only in death could I confirm this ... So begins the haunting and captivating tale, set in 1935 China, of the ghost of a young woman named Leiyin, who watches her own funeral from above and wonders why she is being denied entry to the afterlife. Beside her are three souls—stern and scholarly yang; impulsive, romantic yin; and wise, shining hun—who will guide her toward understanding. She must, they tell her, make amends.

As Leiyin delves back in time with the three souls to review her life, she sees the spoiled and privileged teenager she once was, a girl who is concerned with her own desires while …

Readdreamrelax #30 Look to the Hills; The Diary of Lozette Moreau, a French Slave Girl, New York Colony, 1763 by Patricia McKissack

Summary: In acclaimed author Patricia McKissack's latest addition to the Dear America line, Lozette, a French slave, whose masters uproot her and bring her to America, must find her place in the New World.

Arriving with her French masters in upstate New York at the tail end of the French-Indian War, Lozette, "Zettie," an orphaned slave girl, is confronted with new landscapes, new conditions, and new conflicts. As her masters are torn between their own nationality and their somewhat reluctant new allegiance to the British colonial government, Zettie, too, must reconsider her own loyalties.

Since I am determined to read all of Dear America series along with Royal Diairies and My Name is America, I decided to give a try to Look to the Hills by Patricia C. McKissack which I had to borrow from a library that’s far away from my house. Patricia C McKissack has previously written A Picture of Freedom which I liked due to the picture of daily life of slavery as well as having an in…

G259 Book Review of The Contractors by Harry Hunsicker

Name of Book: The Contractors

Author: Harry Hunsicker

ISBN: 9781477808726

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

Type of book: Texas, Dallas, contractors, thriller, sinister plans, travel, small town, crimes, drugs, cartels, complications, strong heroines

Year it was published: 2014


In THE CONTRACTORS (Thomas & Mercer; February 4, 2014), acclaimed thriller writer Hunsicker turns his attention to the shadowy world of private military contractors and the hypocrisies of the War on Drugs, delivering a heart-pounding, complex standalone thriller in the vein of James Ellroy’s Underworld U.S.A. series.

Disgraced ex-Dallas PD officer Jon Cantrell carries a DEA badge, but he’s not a federal agent. Rather, he works for a private contracting company, busting drug shipments along the U.S.-Mexico border for commission. When Cantrell and his partner-slash-lover Piper confiscate the wrong load, they find themselves in possession of a star witness in an upcoming cartel trial, a mysterious piece of hotly…

G241 Book Review of The Isolation Door by Anish Majumdar

Name of Book: The Isolation Door

Author: Anish Majumdar

ISBN: 9781494243036

Publisher: Ravanna Press

Type of book: Schizophrenia, family, relationships, college, problems, acting, struggle, striving, friendship, Bengali male/American female, New York, Bengali community

Year it was published: 2014


Neil Kapoor, 23, is desperate to create a life beyond the shadow of his mother’s schizophrenia. Years of successive relapses and rehabilitations have forced his father into the role of caretaker and Neil into that of silent witness. But there is no light within this joyless ritual, and any hope for the future rests on finding an exit.

Amidst her latest breakdown, Neil attends drama school in pursuit of a role that might better express the truth of who he is. What started as a desperate gambit becomes the fragile threads of a new life. A relationship blooms with Emily, and each finds strength – and demons - in the other. New friendships with Quincy and Tim grow close and complex. But the em…

G255 Book Review of The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

Name of Book: The Perfume Collector

Author: Kathleen Tessaro

ISBN: 978-0-06-225783-3

Publisher: Harper

Type of book: 1920s-1950s, inheritance, death, mystery, secrets, perfume, scent, genius, muse, beautiful quotes, London, Paris, discovery, friendship, gray area, adult

Year it was published: 2013


An inheritance from a mysterious stranger . . .
An abandoned perfume shop on the Left Bank of Paris . . .
And three exquisite perfumes that hold a memory . . . and a secret

London, 1955: Grace Monroe is a fortunate young woman. Despite her sheltered upbringing in Oxford, her recent marriage has thrust her into the heart of London's most refined and ambitious social circles. However, playing the role of the sophisticated socialite her husband would like her to be doesn't come easily to her—and perhaps never will.

Then one evening a letter arrives from France that will change everything. Grace has received an inheritance. There's only one problem: she has never heard of her bene…

Book Review for Tree of Souls The Mythology of Judaism by Howard Schwartz Book I Part 12.15

General Information:

Name of Book: Tree of Souls

ISBN: 9780195086799

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year it was published: 2004

Overall theme:

"With only one God, heaven would be a barren place, at least in mythic terms. Yet the actual Jewish view of heaven is quite different. There are seven heavens, filled with angels and other divine beings, such as the Messiah [Not jesus!], who is said to have a palace of his own in the highest heaven. The clestial Temple can be found there- the mirror image of the Temple in the earthly Jerusalem- as well as an abundance of heavenly palaces, one for each of the patriarchs and matriarchs and sages, where he or she teaches Torah to the attentive souls of the righteous and the angels..." (xliii)

"Drawing on the full range of Jewish sources, sacred and nonsacred, ten major categories of Jewish mythology can be identified: Myths of God, Myths of Creation...Each of these categories explores a mythic realm, and, in the process, reimagines i…

Book Review of Greek Myths Vol II by Robert Graves 1.6

General Information:

Name of Book: The Greek Myths 2

ISBN: 0-14-001027=0

Publisher: Penguin

Year it was published: 1955

Overall theme:

"My method has been to assemble in harmonious narrative all the scattered elements of each myth, supported by little-known variants which may help to determine the meaning, and to answer all questions that arise, as best I can, in anthropological or historical terms. " (Vol. I 22)

105. Oedipus

Issue: Laius, son of Labdacus marries Iocaste but they can't get children. Iocaste tricked Laius into impregnating her thus a boy was born who was then taken up to the mountain to die. He was found by shepherd, and was given to Polybus and Periboea to be raised. Found out his destiny, which was to kill his father and marry his mother. He kills Laius, gets rid of the Sphinx, marries Iocaste, plague comes over, Teiresias' history is revealed, and he tells Oedipus the truth which later was confirmed by a letter from Queen Periboea. Iocaste kills herself,…

G254 Book Review of Ravenscliffe by Jane Sanderson

Name of Book: Ravenscliffe

Author: Jane Sanderson

ISBN: 978-0-06-230037-9

Publisher: William Morrow

Part of a Series: Eve Williams

Type of book: 1904-1906, England, marriage, coal, union, rights, women's suffrage movement, deaths, decorating, home, getting used to stepparent

Year it was published: 2012


For fans of Downton Abbey . . . The peaceful beauty of the English countryside belies the turmoil of forbidden love and the apprehension of a changing world for the families of Netherwood

Yorkshire, 1904. On Netherwood Common, Russian √©migr√© Anna Rabinovich shows her dear friend Eve Williams a gracious Victorian villa—Ravenscliffe—the house Anna wants them to live in. There’s a garden and a yard and room enough for their children to play and grow.

Something about the house speaks to Anna, and you should listen to a house, she believes…Ravenscliffe holds the promise of happiness.

Across the square, Clarissa and her husband, the Earl of Netherwood, are preparing for King Edward’s vi…