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G324 E-Reading Book Review of Mozart's Wife by Juliet Waldron

Name of Book: Mozart's Wife

Author: Juliet Waldron

ISBN: 9781461109617

Publisher: Createspace

Type of book: 1700s, Mozart, Konstanza, music, partying, drinking, Opera, debt, birth, Vienna, Austria, marriage, rock star status, destruction

Year it was published: 2011


Jon Baxley, Editor of Amazing Authors Showcase says it all in his review. "This author's fictionalized account of Constanze Webber--an extraordinary woman who just happened to marry an even more extraordinary man named Mozart--brings 18th Century Vienna and its people vividly alive. Constanze would have been a remarkable woman for any era, struggling with her own perspective on life while trying to cope and understand the icon composer with whom she chose to share her life. But as an 18th Century woman, she is all the more remarkable. This book is well written and thoroughly researched, that's obvious from the details in dialogue and events. I suspect little of this work is pure fiction, though, given the vast availability of historical information on Mozart and his contemporaries. However, the author melds background information with fictional material so seamlessly, it all seems real. Despite knowing a lot about the man already, I'm even more convinced now that Mozart was one of a kind in history and so was his wife Constanze. To me, great writing is all about imagery, characterization and dialogue. MOZART'S WIFE has all of that and more. Plus, it's a real eye opener to Mozart himself as seen by his closest companion. If you like historical fiction with a wealth of factual detail, this book should be on your reading list.


There were a lot of characters, but the main ones include Mozart, Konstanza, Konstanza's elder sister and the wealthy count who lusts after Konstanza as well as the servant. Just like in real life, Mozart somehow managed to steal the book from Konstanza. Mozart is best described as people pleaser, fickle, blind to practical side of life, selfish, genius, very temperamental, hedonistic and lustful. Konstanza is very practical, a survivor, cynic and someone who has to shoulder heavy burdens that Mozart is too busy to notice. The elder sister used to be Mozart's paramour but then rejected him. She is a bit similar to Mozart minus the genius part. The wealthy man, (sorry I forgot his name,) always lusts after Konstanza and does whatever he can to get her to try to have sex with him. The servant, the red-haired woman, is loyal and tries her best to help Konstanza with life.


Its best to be married to someone of common sense rather than genius


The book is written in first person narrative completely from Konstanza's point of view.When reading her, I understood a lot about her point of view as well as what she went through. Many times as well I felt grateful that I wasn't married to someone who's like Mozart and seems to constantly be in the clouds. The author also adds a lot of fascinating details when it comes to life in 1700s such as how people lacked knowledge when it came to reproductive system, and how their concerns really mirror today's people. The story itself details life that Mozart's wife had to suffer and live through due to the way he is.

Author Information:

“Not all who wander are lost.” Juliet Waldron earned a B. A. in English, but has worked at jobs ranging from artist’s model to brokerage. Thirty years ago, after the boys left home, she dropped out of 9-5 and began to write, hoping to create a genuine time travel experience for herself–and for her readers. She loves her grand-girls and her kitties, likes to take long hikes, and reads historical/archeological non-fiction as well as reviewing for the Historical Novel Society. For summer adventure, she rides behind her husband of 50 years on his “bucket list” (black, and ridiculously fast) Hyabusa motorcycle.
You can find more information at or connect with Juliet on Facebook.


What an amazing and lively story of Mozart and his wife's lives together. Certainly made me want to watch Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but Netflix doesn't have it. The time period and the characters really came alive for me and I felt as if I knew both of them well. I also felt as if I was witnessing the rise and fall of all sorts of modern stars in today's world. It seems that 21st century isn't that much different from 18th century. What I would have liked even better is if towards the end or beginning, the author addresses which people she chose to fictionalize because I wasn't sure whether or not a servant and the child were fictional or if it happened in real life. I also think that the author not only explores Mozart's marriage to Konstanza Webber but she explores what goes wrong in the marriage and what women had to deal with in 18th century. (I'll never look at 1700s literature the same way again.)

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