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G345 Book Review of Love will make you drink and gamble, stay out late at night-Shelly Lowenkopf

General Information:

Name of Book: Love Will make you drink and gamble stay out late at night

Author: Shelly Lowenkopf

About the Author:

ISBN: 978-0-9836329-8-6

Publisher: White Whisker Books

Year it was published: 2014

Overall theme: Love and obsession go hand in hand

1. I've Got Those King City Blues 


Charlene Peck works at Buddy's Good Eats in Monterey County California and she begins to wear clothing that attracts opposite sex. She also meets Brian Sullivan who teaches her about the finer music such as The Trout Quintet in life before he departs for good.

2. Mr. Right


Beth Ann and Stacy are in a relationship and they're attempting to convince Roy to do something that might be against his principles.

3. The Ability


Rachel gets a job at a university to write various letters for everyone and she does such a good job that in the end she unwittingly betrays someone.

4. Absent Friends


Sam Zachary is dating a woman named Paula who wants to get him a cat. He also begins to have conversation with Paula's daughter named Hillary who decided to leave her husband.

5. The Man Within


Asher gets a story published in a newspaper and its revealed how and why he becomes involved in a writing group, which involves a woman named Naomi Bloom.

6. Molly


Lessing, a friend of Reeva and Jerry Zachary becomes obsessed with getting their dog, Molly and goes far to try to get her.

7. Witness Relocation Program


John Milan is friends with some men such as Mike Barnet, J.D. Wolfe, Conrad Burnaby, and Rifkin and he even has a dog named Roxie. Due to stress, Milan is told to go and relax in a countryside and to have a dog, which prompts him to get Roxie. However, someone has a problem with Roxie.

8. Death Watches


Richard Martin passes away and his friend Ben Langer is asked to do a eulogy for him. Becoming fearful of dying alone, Ben Langer attempts to make a human connection first with Allegra Neal, and then with Maggie Meeker, and finally he decides to attempt to get a cat unsuccessfully.

9. Love will make you drink and gamble, stay out late at night


Jack Carter is teaching David Burns about the finer things in life, and inside a bar he meets Unkefer as well as Trish whom he mistakes for his wife Cissy in an attempt to spice up the love life.

10. Messages


Roger Beck is dating a woman named Dana and he creates a rift due to his inability to state a problem he has with something that Dana has done.

11. Between the Acts


Bender is an actor who gets asked to do readings of Shakespeare for a charity, and inevitably has an affair with a teenager against his will, although its uncertain whether or not he has an affair.

12. Coming to Terms


Charlie Citron, a professor at a university, learns that the classes he gives make a lot of students over-emotional, thus he is asked to attend a support group of sorts and meets a woman named Bianca whom he saw earlier at a party and she happens to be in the group for mysterious reasons.

Personal Opinion:

I really liked the first half of the stories because they made sense, and the author asks the audience to guess what's going on through minute clues. Nothing is revealed right away. The second half of the stories were confusing for me and I couldn't understand whether or not they ultimately achieved their goals.

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3 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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  1. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm glad you enjoyed some of the collection.


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