Painting Juliana Movie Dreamcast

One of the questions that I asked was, if Painting Juliana is to be a movie, what would be your dream cast?  Here's Martha Louise Hunter's response: (All the photos were found on google, I don't own or took any photos, but am using them for entertainment purposes)

Dream Cast – Painting Juliana – The Movie

                                               Juliana Birdsong – Amy Adams

                                                 Oliver Morrissey – Tom Cruise

                                                Hugh Birdsong – Richard Gere

                                            Richard Birdsong – Colin Farrell

                                               Wally Wallace –  Josh Lucas

                                            Carmen Birdsong – Penelope Cruz

                                               Jan James – Susan Sarandon

                                           Kimberley Singleton – Jenny McCarthy

                                                      Mary Ellen Magruder – Tea Leoni

                                                   Mike Magruder – Hugh Laurie

                                                        Dr. Phillips – Joan Allen

                                            Anabel Brock – Melissa McCarthy

                                                       Mr. Read – Collin Firth

                                               Mrs. Calloway – Judi Dench


  1. Svetlana, I LOVE THIS! What a blast to put together! :) MLH

  2. i got goosebumps while reading this... thoughts and feelings become things.. so bring it on universe.. now.. please

  3. Thank you, Teresa! I forgot to put Hector Elizondo for Senor Sanchez!


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