Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Do you have courage to be you author intereview with Jenny Williamson

1.        Is writing your full time job?  No.  My full time job, besides wife and mom, is being the CEO of Courage Worldwide – an organization that builds homes for children who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  We have one home in the U.S. and one in Africa with plans to open more.
2.        Why did you write the book – Do you have the courage to be you?  For most of my life I did not believe I had a particular talent, purpose or passion, but I desperately wanted one.  So around my 40th birthday I began asking the not so original questions – who am I and what in the world am I on this planet for.  While asking those question, I heard another one whispered to my heart – do you have the courage to be you?  That question propelled me on a journey of discovering WHO I was created to be so I could then DO what I was created to do.
3.        What is the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome to have the courage to be you?  My self … my self-doubts, my fears and insecurities.  My husband said it to me this way –the only thing holding you back is the anchor that you have placed around your own neck! 
4.         Do you have a personal mission statement – something that gives your life focus?  I do – as a trained life coach, I encourage everyone I meet to craft their own. It is a powerful tool in helping you to decide what to say yes and often more importantly, what to say no to.  Here is mine – To daily have the courage to be me – nothing more – but absolutely refusing to settle for anything less; then encourage everyone who crosses my path to do the same!

5.        You mentioned Courage Worldwide, your full time job, does the organization have a mission and vision statement also?   Yes!  It is just as important for businesses to have a compelling mission and vision statement.  Our mission statement at Courage Worldwide is simply to help people find their purpose so the needs of the marginalized in our world can be met.  Our vision for the future is to engage a 1,000,000 people to build 1000 homes in 100 cities and countries during the next 10 years so that hundreds of thousands of young children can be rescued and restored from the horror of sex trafficking.

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