G614. Two Hearts When I said I do, I meant Forever by James Eric Richey

Name of Book:Two Hearts When I said I do, I meant Forever

Author: James Eric Richey

ISBN: 978-0-9909181-0-3

Publisher: JER Books

Type of book: Montana, mining, true love, two hearts, cheating, grizzly bear, overseas travel, burdens, finances, infidelity, contemporary, 2000s, gold, debt collectors, friendship, marriage

Year it was published: 2014


Jaxon Tagget is a cattle-rancher’s son, born and raised on the Double T, just outside of Dillon, Montana. In love with his high-school sweetheart, Annie, Jaxon proposes on graduation night, presenting her with a wedding ring made from gold he mined himself. Annie accepts immediately, to the horror of her bitter, man-hating mother.

Jaxon’s a wonderful husband, but the warnings of Annie’s mother linger in the young bride’s ears. And it doesn’t help that women continue to fall all over the markedly handsome Jaxon.

Unaware of his wife’s persistent doubts, Jaxon is struggling with his own troubles when he finds out his dad is sorely in need of money to save the ranch. But hope glimmers gold when he rediscovers the old mine on the Double T.

While Jaxon travels to verify the mine’s productivity, Annie grows increasingly suspicious. Is Jaxon’s absence what it seems, or does he have another, less faithful reason for his travels? When Annie sees a picture of the beautiful laboratory owner whom Jaxon is visiting, she’s sure the only gold he’s interested in is long, blond hair. Is Annie right, or will it be her doubts that forever sever their Two Hearts?


Although the author really did attempt in trying to create memorable and unique characters, I don't feel as if he succeeded in them. Jaxon is best described as a self-made man who only wants for the woman he loves to be happy and to trust him. Annie has her own trust issues due to the way her parents' marriage worked out and on one hand wants to trust Jaxon, but on the other hand, there are doubts within her whether or not her mother was right about him.


True love conquers all


The story was written in third person narrative, primarily from Jaxon's and Annie's points of view, although other characters such as Zeren and Valentino also make their voices heard. I'm not an editor, but personally, I'm not sure the purpose of adding Zeren and Valentino's chapters if very little was done within the story. Also as well, the story requires a lot of suspension of belief at some parts, and while in beginning its tolerable, towards the end my patience kind of wore thin. I'm not saying that these events are unlikely to happen, (most likely they are,) but for a lot of them to happen in such a rapid succession, its another story.

Author Information:
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James Eric Richey author pic
Meet the Author:

James Eric Richey was born and raised in California. He attended Brigham Young University, studying English with an emphasis in Literature. After graduating from BYU he returned home to California to further his education by attending law school. After passing the bar, James practiced in California for several years, but he quickly learned that he did not have a passion for the law.

In 1998 James obtained his real estate appraiser license, which has given him a flexible work schedule and allowed him to pursue his true passion, writing books. Besides his writing, he also enjoys reading, running, and sailing. James currently lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with his wife, Heather, and their two daughters.

Connect with the author:   Website  ~   Twitter  ~    Facebook


The first few chapters, or the first half of the book were attention grabbing for me and caused me to admire the author's writing and characters greatly. I really enjoyed watching Annie and Jaxon's marriage go through ups and down and couldn't wait to see how Jaxon could prove his love towards Annie. However, as soon as they came back from Venezuela back to Montana, I have to say that as more and more events happened to them, the less and less I became drawn to the story. If the events in Montana were spread throughout the few years, it would be believable, but one year or just few months Jaxon deals with bankruptcy, getting lost, a grizzly bear, and fierce moneylenders? Yes, a lot more happened, but I'm not in mood to spoil the whole story. At a lot of points too the story felt a bit too long and I did wonder at the point of including Valentino's point of view in the story if little was being done towards him?

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3 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)


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