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G634 Book Review of The Inheritance by Marianne Perry

Name of Book: The Inheritance

Author: Marianne Perry

ISBN: 978-1-4759-5283-4

Publisher: iUniverse

Type of book: Italy, Calabria, earthquake, life, superstition, religion, secrets, romance, orphaned girl, kindness, 1897-1909, 1913, studying, rebel groups

Year it was published: 2012


A second generation Canadian-Italian, Marianne's interest in her Calabrian-Sicilian roots has fuelled her genealogical research to solve family mysteries.

Along with researching family history, Marianne's writing reflects her extensive traveling, a passion for adventure, an interest in establishing connections and a yearning to understand our world."What matters the most in life are the people you love and the adventures you have." -Marianne Perry


The main characters include Caterina, who is described as an atypical woman, although I didn't really find her to be atypical, aside from the fact that she enjoys learning. But it seemed to me that she doesn't really stand ou…

Master of Passion Book Spotlight

A Master Passion: The Story of Alexander and Elizabeth Hamilton: Book One: Love and Liberty
by Juliet WaldronPublication Date: March 25, 2015
Books We Love
eBook & Print; 428 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

THE MASTER PASSION is the story of the marriage of our brilliant first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and his courageous wife, Elizabeth Schuyler. It begins with a whirlwind Revolutionary War courtship at Washington’s headquarters. Conflict, however, is built into this marriage.

Betsy's passion is Alexander. While Hamilton adores his wife and children, there are times when he loves America more.

“...And hence one Master Passion in the breast
Like Aaron's serpent, swallows up all the rest..." ~~Alexander Pope

ABOUT THE AUTHORJuliet Waldron has lived in many US states, in the UK and the West Indies. She earned a B. A. in English, but has worked at jobs ranging from artist’s model to brokerage. Thirty years a…

G651 Book Review of Sit! Stay! Speak! by Annie England Noblin

Name of Book: Sit! Stay! Speak!

Author: Annie England Noblin

ISBN: 978-0-06-237926-9

Publisher: William Morrow

Type of book: Arkansas, South, friendship, mystery, dogs, rescuing dogs, romance, 2000s, cooking, learning about South, slight comedy and light banter

Year it was published: 2015


Echoing the novels of Mary Alice Monroe, Allie Larkin, and Holly Robinson, this charming debut novel tells the unforgettable story of a rescue dog that helps a struggling young outsider make peace with the past.

Addie Andrews is living a life interrupted. Tragedy sent her fleeing from Chicago to the shelter of an unexpected inheritance—her beloved aunt’s somewhat dilapidated home in Eunice, Arkansas, population very tiny. There she reconnects with some of her most cherished childhood memories. If only they didn’t make her feel so much!

People say nothing happens in small towns, but Addie quickly learns better. She’s got an elderly next door neighbor who perplexingly dances outside in his underwear…

G629 Book Review of Welcome, Reluctant Stranger! by E Journey

Name of Book:Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

Author: E Journey

ISBN: 978-0-9962474-3-6

Publisher: Sojourner Books

Part of a Series: Between Two Worlds

Type of book: interracial relationship, white male/interracial female (possibly Polynesian or Pinoy ancestry), mystery, forgiveness, past versus present, kill one to save thousands, romance, happily ever after

Year it was published: 2015


A Riveting Tale of Love, Loss, and Finding Your Own Way.

Can a family bury its secret past?

Like her long-lost father, Leilani heals people. But can she heal herself? Accept the awful truth about her father―left behind when her family fled the troubled country of Costa Mora eighteen years ago?

Brokenhearted, Justin just wants to drown his sorrows. But he finds more trouble than he’s looking for when thugs assault him and a mysterious woman with a dead aim rescues him.
A young woman’s inner journey accepting her past spun within a tale of love and past political intrigue.


I have to say that Elis…

G628 Book Review of Hello, Agnieszka! by E Journey

Name of Book: Hello, Agnieszka!

Author: E Journey

ISBN: 978-0-9962474-2-9

Publisher: Sojourner Books

Part of a Series: Between Two Worlds

Type of book: Polish culture, music, immigrants, growing up, determination, success, disease, breaking up, love, courage to begin again

Year it was published:2015


A raw tale of early love, rivalry and betrayal.

A 70s love story:
“Can music save your mortal soul?”
—Don McLean, American Pie

Short Synopsis
A passion for music. Her oldest son’s suicide attempt forces Agnieszka to reveal a past she has kept from her children. A young Agnieszka discovers a passion for music upon hearing her grand-aunt Jola, a concert pianist in Poland, give a recital. Jola hones her talent and feeds her dreams of becoming a concert pianist.
Shattered dreams. But real-world problems, thorny relations with a mother tied to her roots and betrayal by lusty Aunt Jola a shatter her dreams.
A 70s love story. Young Agnieszka finds love that renews her hopes for happiness. Sadly…