Saturday, October 24, 2015

First Impressions G73 The Review of Refuge by N.G. Osborne

Name of Book: Refuge

Author: N.G. Osborne

ISBN: 9780615695402

Publisher: Cranham and Keith Books

Year it was published: 2012


On a dusty, sweltering night, Noor Khan, a beautiful, headstrong Afghan refugee, comes face-to-face with Charlie Matthews, a brash, young American aid worker. To Noor's fury, Charlie breaks every cultural norm and pursues her. She wants nothing to do with him: her sole aim in life is to earn an overseas scholarship so she can escape the miseries of the refugee camps.

However when Noor's brother threatens to marry her off, she is forced to seek refuge in Charlie's home, of all places, and suddenly everything Noor believes in is put into question.

Set in the mystical and seething city of Peshawar, where no one is without an agenda and few can be trusted, Refuge is a timeless and unforgettable love story about the struggle for love and purpose in a cruel and cynical world.


From the first few pages, I can tell that it will be an unrealistic melo-dramatic novel that portrays Middle Eastern men negatively. To be honest, although I applaud the author for writing a book about refuges, I do want to mention that if you're looking for another type of read, please try reading When The Moon Is Low by Nadia Hashimi which is a much better and realistic book.


In all, I will not be reading the book

3 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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