G637 If you leave me, can I come with you? Daily meditations for Codepenends and Al-Anons...with a sense of humor

Title of the book: If you leave me, can I come with you? Daily meditations for Codepenends and Al-Anons...with a sense of humor

Author: Misti B

Publisher: Hazelden

Publishing Date: 2015

ISBN: 9781616496159


“By the time I’d gotten to Al-Anon… people responded with ‘Thank God,’ or ‘It’s about time.’ I wasn’t a horrible person. It’s not like I had buried bodies under my floorboards. I was just a little dramatic and a tiny bit controlling.” –Misti B.

Most people in the throes of codependency’s problematic behaviors typically don’t see their plight as a laughing matter. And yet, judging by the peals of laughter often heard coming out of Twelve Step meeting rooms, many eventually do find the humor in their self-defeating thoughts and actions.

If You Leave Me, Can I Come with You? is full of refreshingly original meditations for each day of the year. Infusing her wisdom with self-revealing honesty and humor, Misti B. provides healing insight with a lighthearted touch into the common struggles that codependents and those in Al-Anon frequently face. Issues such as people pleasing, lack of boundaries, and perfectionism don’t have to overwhelm us if we work a solid Twelve Step program and learn not to take ourselves so seriously. Misti B. shows how to do both, delivering the right mix of support, inspiration, and healthy irreverence.

Author Info:
(From the book)

Misti B., a writer, filmmaker, and recovering codependent writes humorous books about life in recovery, shining some light into normally very dark places.

Misti's career in entertainment-producing live events, writing and directing for stage, TV, and film-combined with her dysfunctional upbringing provide the fodder for her gritty but inspiring recovery stories.

For more information, visit Misti on her website at www.mistibwrites.com, on Facebook, or twitter: @MistiBWrites

Personal Opinion:

Seems rather fitting that I end up writing the review for this book in December where in just a few weeks New Years will begin and everyone will start seeking a resolution to do and be better. I've never been to Al-Anon, thus I'm not really sure of the references or of how I can relate to the author. Despite that, its a delightful 366 day meditation book, one for everyday of the year where the author reflects a little on her life as well as how much Al-Anon has helped her, and how her life has changed a lot. Some of the entries were pretty funny, while in others she shows a very vulnerable side of her that I don't think a lot of people saw. But still an interesting read to reflect and think about and to even change.

This is a late review for McKinney PR

4 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)


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