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Books I Reviewed in 2014

(2014 has been a year of challenges, where I tried to learn to set limits on myself and not to be very greedy when it came to books. It is also a year of regrets for me as well, ones that I will probably never make up for, or will be unable to atone for. Fun fact: 2014 was also a year I started to focus a lot on historical fiction, and realized how much I loved the books and genre from different eras.)

Recommended Books of the Year: (Books I liked)

Turkeys of the year: (Books I didn't like)

Somewhere in France-Jennifer Robson

Forbidden-Jacquelyn Frank

Forever-Jacquelyn Frank

Forsaken-Jacquelyn Frank

The Golem and the Jinni-Helene Wecker

Our love could light the world-Anna Leigh Parrish

The gods of heavenly punishment-Jennifer Cody Epstein

My heart in Seoul-Sydney Arrison

Woman of the Mists-Lynn Sholes

The Last train to Paris-Michele Zackheim

The house on the cliff-Charlotte Williams

The reckless engineer-Jac Wright

The Banovic Siblings-Gillian Felix

Netherwood-Jane Sanderson

My mother's funeral-Adriana Paramo

Changes-Gillian Felix

At the river's edge-Mariah Stewart

Past Medical history- Donald B Stewart

Under the Wide and Starry Sky-Nancy Horan

When Strangers meet...-K Hari Kumar

Ravenscliffe-Jane Sanderson

The Greek Myths Vol II 1.6-Robert Graves

Tree of Souls 1.12-Howard Schwartz

The perfume collector-Kathleen Tessaro

The Isolation Door-Anish Majumdar

The contractors-Harry Hunsicker

Look to the Hills; The Diary of Lozette Moreau, a French Slave Girl, New York Colony, 1763 by Patricia McKissack

Three Souls-Janie Chang

Take charge of your life-William GLasser

The black song inside-Carlyle Clark

Shadows in the sun-Gayathri Ramprasad

The Journal of Jedediah Barstow, An Emigrant on the Oregon Trail, Overland, 1845 by Ellen Levine

The Greek Myths Vol II 2.6-Robert Graves

Clever Girl-Tessa Hadley

Tree of Souls 1.13-Howard Schwartz

Prisoner of Heaven, Kazunomiya, Japan 1858 by Kathryn Lasky

Songs of Willow Frost-Jamie Ford

Land of the buffalo bones the diary of mary ann elizabeth rodgers, an english girl in minnesota, new yeovil, minnesota, 1873-Marion Dane Bauer

Real happy family-Caeli Wolfson Widger

The Greek Myths Vol II 3.6-Robert Graves

Pilgrim footprints on the sands of time-Sylvia Nilsen (First book I toured for HFVBT)

Tree of Souls 1.14-Howard Schwartz

Of Marriageable age-Sharon Maas

Anybody's daughter-Pamela Samuels Young

The debt of Tamar-Nicole Dweck

The greek myths Vol II 4.6-Robert Graves

Tree of Souls 1.15-Howard Schwartz

Hope Street, Jerusalem-Irris Makler

The eight fingered fiend of lake proker-Fletcher Best

The journal of finn reardon a newsie, new york city, 1899-Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Then like the blind man-Freddie Owens

My boyfriend barfed in my handbag...and other things you can't ask martha-Jolie Kerr

Across Great Divides-Monique Roy

Tea and primroses-Tess Thompson

Wilde Riders-Savannah Young

The Frangipani Hotel-Violet Kupersmith

When the cypress whispers-Yvette Manessis Corporon

Sympathetic People-Donna Baier Stein

Serpents in the garden-Anna Belfrage

As the heart bones break-Audrey Chin

Blind allegiance-Violetta Rand

Blind Mercy-Violetta Rand

The eagle and the swan-Carol Strickland

Yom kippur as manifest in an approaching dorsal fin- adam byrn tritt

my foot is too big for the glass slipper a guide to the less than perfect life-gabrielle reece karen karbo

City of promises-D Grant Fitter

The bouchard legacy-Ted Magnuson

Black chalk-Christopher J Yates

1066; what fates impose-GK Holloway

Incendiary girls-Kodi Scheer

The winter siege-DW Bradbridge

The girl who came home-Hazel Gaynor

Casebook-Mona Simpson

White girl in La Casa-Christa Jeanne

The towers of Tuscany-Carol M Cram

the distraction addiction-alexn soojung kim pang

Night in Shanghai-Nicole Mones

A comedy of Erinn-Celia Bonaduce

To live forever an afterlife journey of meriwether lewis-andra watkins

Bastard's Brew-Gillian Felix

The frost of springtime-Rachel L Demeter

semi-coma evolution of my intermittent consciousness-gulten dye

The publicist-Christina George (First book I toured for iRead Book Tours)

Shelf life-Christina George

Fallout-Sadie Jones

Dialogues of a crime-John K Manos

the education of geroge washington-austin washington

The pearl that broke its shell-Nadia Hashimi

The conditions of love-Dale M Kushner

Naked in Havana-Colin Falconer

Delicious!-Ruth Reichl

The collector of dying breaths-MJ Rose

The gondola maker-Laura Morelli

The quick-Lauren Owen

Immortality-Kevin Bohacz

One night in winter-Simon Sebag Montefiore

Puritan with the redemption of Rebecca Eames-Peni Jo Renner

Sinners and Sea-Rebecca Kanner

Ritual tea how the 9 secrets of tea can transform your life-Mario Zeleny

Blossoms and Bayonets-Jana McBurney Lin, Hi-Dong Chai

Ghost of the gods-Kevin Bohacz

Bee Summers-Melanie Dugan

I am Livia-Phyllis T Smith

Lord Esterleigh's Daughter-Kathy Fischer Brown

Mozart's Wife-Juliet Waldron

Vienna's Last Jihad-C Wayne Dawson

The runaway highlander-RL Syme

Nightingale-Juliet Waldron

Chasing the sun-Natalia Sylvester

Curses and smoke-Vicky Alvear Shecter

The lost duchess-Jenny Barden

A replacement life-Boris Fishman

The year she left us-Kathryn Ma

Mrs. Poe-Lynn Cullen

breathe a memoir of motherhood, grief and family conflict-kelly kittel

sweet tooth-Tim Anderson

love will make you drink and gamble stay out late at night-shelly lowenkopf

Moving Day-Jonathan Stone

The cook's temptation-Joyce Wayne

The Living memories project legacies that last-meryl ain arthur m fischman stewart ain

Queen of Bedlam-Laura Purcell

Fire and sword-Louise Turner

Never be at peace-MJ Neary

Love and treasure-Ayelet Waldman

Losing Touch-Sandra Hunter

Murder by misrule-Anna Castle

The tilted world-Tom Franklin, Beth Ann Fennelly

Supreme justice-Max Allan Collins

conquering shame and codependency-darlene lancer

Waking up white-Debby Irving

A triple Knot-Emma Campion

Go Away home-Carol Bodensteiner

The sea garden-Deborah Lawrenson

Last night at blue angel-Rebecca Rotert

To hold the sun-Chas Watkins

Boy in a band-Lisa Loomis

Good Chinese Wife a love affair with China gone wrong-Susan blumberg kason

The new men-Jon Enfield

East India-Colin Falconer

The sense of touch-Ron Parsons

Anvil of god-J Boyce Gleason

Blade of the samurai-Susan Spann

The ghost bride-Yagsze Choo

Mr Boardwalk-Louis Greenstein

2 Am at the cat's pajamas-Marie Helene Bertino

The gifted-Daphen Michaels

The virtues of oxygen-Susan Schoenberger

The pillow book-Sei Shonagon (Arthur Waley version)

Sinful Fok-Ned Hayes

how does one dress to buy dragonfruit-Shannon Young

Season of the dragonflies-Sarah Creech

A hero for the people-Arthur Powers

Inamorata-Megan Chance

The story of land and sea-Katy Simpson

What counts most is how you finish-Shelia Payton

In the mirror-Kaira Rouda

The Greek Myths Vol II 5.6-Robert Graves

Tree of Souls 2.1-Howard Schwartz

Tiger Tail soup-Nicki Chen

Someone else's love story-Joshilyn Jackson

Three story house-Courtney Miller Santo

Edwin high king of Britain-Edoardo Albert

Shadows of the raven-Millie Thom

Letters from Wishing Rock-Pam Stucky

The angel of losses-Stephanie Feldman

Brilliance-Markey Sakey

Round the bend-Alistair McGuinness

Behind you-Carly M Duncan

A better world-Marcus Sakey

Spy Island-Sophie Schiller

Brunette ambition-Lea Michele (First book for Blogging for Books)

Nest-Esther Ehrlich

Stevenson's treasure-Mark Wiederanders

Rav Hisda's Daughter; the apprentice-Maggie Anton

My thinning years-Jon Derek Croteau

Montreal-Debra Schoenberger

The Greek Myths Vol II 6.6-Robert Graves

A brief moment of weightlessness-Victoria Fish

Painting Juliana-Martha Louise Hunter

la bell creole the cuban countess who captivated havana, madrid and paris-Alina Garcia-Lapuerta

Baudelaire's revenge-Bob van laerhoven

the moonlight palace-Liz Rosenberg

the summer of long knives-Jim Snowden

Misdirection-Austin Williams

Ghost horse-Thomas H McNeely

Tree of souls 2.2-Howard Schwartz

In doubt-Drusilla Campbell

The lost tribe of Coney Island-Claire Prentice

mastering negative impuslive thoughts-john and elizabeth mcintosh

Man v nature-Diane Cook

Married one night-Amber Leigh Williams

Certainty-Victor Bevine

Rav Hisda's Daughter; enchantress-Maggie Anton

Palmetto Moon-Kim Boykin

Bad taste in men-Lana Cooper

The gossamer years-Michitsuna no Haha

This dark road to mercy-Wiley Cash

Venice in the moonlight-Elizabeth McKenna (First book for Italy Book Tours)

Village of secrets-Caroline Moorehead

Vicissitudes of life-Wang Xiaoying

Memory card full-Liz Weber

Loving Lucianna-Joyce DiPastena

The vineyard-Michale Hurley

Christmas at Tiffany's-Karen Swan

Seldom come by-Sherryl Caulfield

Us-David Nicholls

The clever mill horse-Jodi Lew Smith

Botticelli's Bastard-Stephen Maitland-Lewis

Death never sleeps-EJ Simon

Glimpsing Heaven-Judy Bachrach

Welcome to nursing-Joel Craig

The beautiful American-Jeanne Mackin (First book for French Book Tours)

The war nurse-RV Doon

Fog Island Mountains-Michelle Bailat Jones

What a lady needs for christmas-Grace Burrowes

Little things long remembered-Susan Newman

The temple of all knowing-Lee Papa

Omphalos-Mark Patton

Aoleon the martian girl-Brent LeVasseur

The temple is not my father-Rasana Atreya

Noah's Wife-T.K Thorne

Total Books: 221

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