Monday, February 15, 2016

Books I Reviewed in 2015

(2015 was also a year in setting limitations and discovering what books and authors I enjoyed. In this year as well I was introduced to a lot of wonderful authors and their wonderful books. Fun fact: 2015 is the last year for things to be the "same")

Recommended Books of the Year: (Books I liked)

Turkeys of the year: (Books I didn't like)

Island fog-John Vanderslice

The kojiki records of ancient matters-Yasunaro

Peyote fire-Mary S Black

Death logs in-EJ Simon

After the war is over-Jennifer Robson

What is found, what is lost-Anne Leigh Parrish

Perfect Escape-Gillian Felix

A therapist's guide on relationships-Roxanne J Derhodge

The tiger queens-Stephanie Thornton

The metabolism solution-Lisa Lynn

I, James-Mike Hartner

Kato and the fountain of wrinkles-Rhys Ella

Mastering the art of Soviet Cooking-Anya Von Bremzen

Climax-Christina George

One step too far-Tina Seskis

Heir to a prophecy-Mercedes Rochelle

Close to the sun-Donald Michael Platt

Almost perfect-Diane Daniels Manning

The grown ups-Robin Antalek

The last good paradise-Tatjana Soli

Cognac conspiracies-Jean Pierre Alaux, Noel Balen

The blood of the fifth knight-EM Powell

Aoleon the martian girl II The Luminess of Mars-Brent LeVasseur

The iris fan-Laura Joh Rowland

Nixon and Dovey-Jay W Curry

Between the cracks-Carmela Cattuti

Open your heart for happy relationships-Eve Picquette

I just wanted love-DJ Burr

Aoleon the Martian Girl III The hollow moon-Brent Levasseur

I regret everything-Seth Greenland

Cauchemar-Alexandra Grigorescu

The daughter-Jame Shemilt

Shadow ritual-Eric Giacometti Jacques Ravenne

Lady of the eternal city-Kate Quinn

The witch of Napoli-Michale Schmicker

Fiercombe Manor-Kate Riordan

Solo-Kevin Symmons

Dog crazy-Meg Donohue

The prince's Doom-David Blixt

The school of night-Colin Falconer

Storm siren-Mary Weber

Mademoiselle Chanel-CW Gortner

The black elf of Seaward of Isle-Joni Parker

Angels at the gate-TK Thorne

The witch of painted sorrows-MJ Rose

The hurricane sisters-Dorothea Benton Frank

Boring Girls-Sara Taylor

Tangled Omens-Joni Parker

Visiting the sins-Melanie Denman

Aoleon the Martian Girl IV illegal aliens-Brent Levasseur

Muscle cars-Stephen G Eoannou

Godwine kingaker-Mercedes Rochelle

Diamond head-Cecily Wong

Guy Erma and the son of empire i Kidnap-Sally Ann Melia

The art and science of healing with light-Dr Mark  Rogers

Blood mission-Joni Parker

The Queen of Sparta-TS Chaudhry

How to sell books by the truckload on amazon-Penny c sansevieri

Read bottom up-Neel Shah, Sky Chatham

Bridges of Paris-Michael Saint James

The artisan's star-Gabriella contenstabile

Aoleon the martian girl V the great pyramid of Cydonia-Brent LeVasseur

Love and Miss Communication-Elyssa Friedland

Bianca's Vineyard-Teresa Neumann

Teresa of the new world-Sharman Apt Russell

Mesabi Pioneers-Russel Hill Jeffrey Smith

The mapmaker's children-Sarah McCoy

Moonlight on butternut lake-Mary McNear

Out from the underworld-Heather Siegel

Trail of Broken wings-Sejal Badani

Hotel Moscow-Talia Carner

Upper west side- Susan Pashman

Guy Erma and the son of empire ii hunter-Sally Ann Melia

Life outside the box-Marilyn R Wilson

Calming the chaos-Jackie Woodside

Isaac and Ishmael-Mary F Burns

Nature's confession-JL Morin

What they see-Jennifer Swanson

The Invasion of the tearling-Erika Johansen

Guy Erma and the son of empire iii exile-Sally Ann Melia

Sword of the gladiatrix-Faith L Justice

The same sky-Debbie Yee Lan Wong

The sunrise-Victoria Hislop

'89 walls-Katie Pierson

The tide watchers-Lisa Chaplin

Trust Pandora's box-Cristiane Serruya

The girl who ignored ghosts-KC Tansley

That Chesapeake Summer-Mariah Stewart

Her sister's shoes-Ashley Farley

Two hearts-James Eric Richey

Alchemy's daughter-Mary A Osborne

The fault in our stars-John Green

The fall of icarus-NR Bates

When the moon is low-Nadia Hashimi

Heart dancing-Kathryn Eriksen

Tree of souls 2.3-Howard Schwartz

Naked a novel of Lady Godiva-Eliza Redgold

Stepdog-Nicole Galland

No poverty between the sheets-Pauline Kiely

Hello my love-E Journey

Riding-Cassia Cassitas

The sisters of Versailles-Sally Christie

Hello Agnieszka-E Journey

Welcome, Reluctant stranger-E Journey

Sit! Stay! Speak!-Annie England Noblin

The inheritance-Marianne Perry

Baby comes home-Dr Paul Roumeliotis

In the shade of the almond trees-Dominique Marny

EQ Librium-Yvette Bethel

Tree of Souls 2.4-Howard Schwartz

Oliver and Jack at lodgings in Lyme-Christina E Pilz

Divine vintage-Randall Haskett and Joel Butler

The outcast highlander-RL Syme

Starting now-Debbie Macomber

Gold rush in the jungle-Dan Drollette

Pale horses-Jassy Mackenzie

Yellow billed magpie-Nancy Schoellkopf

The jack of souls-Stephen C Merlino

Let's talk about tickling-Veronica Frances

Girl waits with gun-Amy Stewart

Tree of Souls 2.5-Howard Schwartz

Refuge-NG Osborne

The cost of courage-Joseph Cordaro

The curtain-Patrick Ord

The short strange life of Herschel Grynszpan-Jonathan Kirsch

The boxer rebellion-David J Silbey

Bristol house-Beverly Swerling

Tiger heart-Katrell Christie

Between gods-Alison Pick

The artwork of guy erma and the son of empire-Sally Ann Melia

Ourselves-SG Redling

Tree of Souls 2.6-Howard Schwartz

We had a job to do-Theresa Anzaldua

Jesusita-Ronald Ruiz

Race to Tibet-Sophie Schiller

Tree of souls 2.7-Howard Schwartz

If only in my dreams-Mariah Stewart

The three kingdoms I The Sacred Oath-Luo Guanzhong

Really good F words-Lorrie Forde

The thread that binds-Alice Hayes

The precious one-Marisa de los Santos

Tree of souls 2.8-Howard Schwartz

The sparrow sisters-Ellen Herrick

The three kingdoms II The Sleeping Dragon-Luo Guanzhong

The rockstar remedy-Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Stacy Baker Masand

Flask of the drunken master-Susan Spann

If you leave me can I come with you-Misti B

Lone star-Paullina Simons

Tree of Souls 2.9-Howard Schwartz

The three kingdoms III Welcome the dragon-Luo Guanzhong

The house with a sunken courtyard-Kim Won-il

The treasure at devil's hole-Jody M Mabry

The color of our sky-Amita Trasi

Tree of Souls 2.10-Howard Schwartz

Tales of Byzantium-Eileen Stephenson

The prince of prigs-Anthony Anglorus

The golden Lotus I-Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng

The heike story-Eiji Yoshikawa

The taiheiki-Helen Craig McCullough

The conqueror's wife-Stephanie Thornton

Tree of souls 2.11-Howard Schwartz

Oracles of Delphi-Marie Savage

The obsession-TV LoCicero

The disappearance-TV LoCicero

The golden Lotus II-Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng

The wicked game-Olivia Fuller

Song of the mountain-Michelle Isenhoff

The sun and other stars-Brigid Pasulka

The liberty flower-Katie Hanrahan

Geronimo leadership of an American Warrior-Mike Leach

Liar, soldier, temptress, spy-Karen Abbott

The art of Crash landing-Melissa DeCarlo

Tree of souls 2.12-Howard Schwartz

Turkey a short history-Norman Stone

Loom knitting for babies and toddlers-Isela Phelps

Dogs rule nonchalantly-Mark Ulriksen

The lady of the castle-Iny Lorentz

Becoming George Washington- Stephen Yoch

Total books read: 178

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