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Book Spotlight: Accepted Secured Significant by Kemley Whiteside

This text is a spiritual and inspirational journey for those drawn away from their purpose by the circumstances of their lives. This book is dedicated to those told they would never amount to anything.
It is for those told they would be just like their mother or father, that they are idiots, mistakes, and failures. It is for the pushed aside and ignored. It is for those under shadow, and for those abused from childhood. It is for the molested, and the ones told that no one loves them and no one ever would. It is for the misled and mistreated. It is for the suicidal. It is for the victims of domestic violence and abusive relationships. It is for those in spiritual bondage, and those who don’t believe in themselves. It is for those suffering from cancer or other diseases. It is for the motherless, fatherless, jobless, and homeless. It is for the depressive and anxious, the lonely and isolated. This book is for the hopeless.
To my brothers and sisters who need a way out: This book was writ…

Book Spotlight: The Winemakers by Jan Moran

Book Description for The WineMakers:
1956: When Caterina Rosetta inherits a cottage in the countryside of Italy from a grandmother she's never known, she discovers a long-buried family secret -- a secret so devastating, it threatens the future of everything her mother has worked for.
Many years before, her mother's hard-won dreams of staking her family's claim in the vineyards of California came to fruition; but as an old murder comes to light, and Caterina uncovers a tragic secret that may destroy the man she loves, she realizes her happiness will depend on revealing the truth of her mother's buried past.
From author Jan Moran comes The Winemakers, a sweeping, romantic novel that will hold you in its grasp until the last delicious sip.
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Author's Bio:

Interview with Linda K. Sienkiewicz

1. In your story, the main character Angelica Schirrick goes on a journey of self-discovery after her family suffers a devastating blow. Have you been on a similar journey in your own life?

Our family suffered a tragic loss when my eldest son took his own life in 2011, but I don’t know if there’s ever an end to such a journey. You have to find your way every single day. Living with loss becomes part of who you are. Like Angelica, I understand there are no guarantees in life, and I now have more empathy for anyone who’s suffered any kind of tragedy or loss. Life itself is a constantly evolving journey of self-discovery

2. Angelica speaks to an old love interest, Joe, about her life. Why not have her tell her story outright? Why tell it to Joe and not to the reader?

In the Context of Love is an intimate love story, and my hope is to create an equally intimate experience for the reader. If Angelica were to tell her story to the reader, the way most stories are written, she would be tellin…

Book Spotlight In the Context of Love by Linda K. Sienkiewicz

Book Description for In the Context of Love:
What makes us step back to examine the events and people that have shaped our lives? And what happens when what we discover leads to more questions? Angelica Schirrick wonders how her life could have gotten so far off-track. With two children in tow, she begins a journey of self-discovery that leads her back home to Ohio. It pains her to remember the promise her future once held and the shattering revelations that derailed her life.
Can she face the failures and secrets of her past and move forward? Somehow she must learn to accept the violence of her beginning before she can be open to life, and a second chance at love. Buy the book:AmazonBarnes & Noble
Praise for In the Context of Love “Linda K. Sienkiewicz’s powerful and richly detailed debut novel is at once a love story, a cautionary tale, and an inspirational journey. In the Context of Love should be required reading for all wayward teenage girls—and their mothers, too.” ~Bonnie Jo Camp…