Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rapid Fire Book Tag

I want to thank Naz at Read Diverse Books for tagging me to do this book tag :) I haven't done those, and I kind of am looking for an excuse to do one. so here we go! :D

eBooks or physical books?
From phylosofy.com

Physical books of course! I understand the advantages of eBooks and understand their benefits, but I grew up with physical books, and I love having a physical book in my hand, turning the pages onward, seeing how much I have left to read, and how much progress I have made. Also as well, my father is a huge eBook fan, and he is not exactly the most understanding person when it comes to differences, thus physical books for me. 

Paperback or hardback?

Hmm, I think paperbacks. While I like hardbacks and all, and honestly, as long as the story is good what does it matter if the book is in hardback or paperback? I like the paperbacks because they're portable and easy to carry in a purse. Hardbacks, on the other hand, they're difficult to carry and fit into the purse. 

Online or in-store book shopping?
Unfortunately where I live bookstores tend to be far away, so online shopping. I used to love going to Half Price Books back in the day and just browsing and feeling the thrill of finding a book I was looking for, but because of where I live and my situation right now, amazon became my friend. 

Trilogies or series?
How about neither? I am one of those people that loves collecting series or books before even reading the first book! Thus I prefer stand-alone, true stand-alone novels. But if its either trilogies or series, then trilogies please because in some cases series can't carry on momentum and less money to spend on books. 

Heroes or villains?
Really, really hard to say. In most of the cases I will be rooting for the heroes, but there are books where I will root for the villain of the story. (Here's looking at you Raistlin Majere...) I also think it will have to depend on the type of book and the characters. If a hero is way too humanly perfect, then I will be rooting for the villain, but if there are flaws, then hero all the way. 


A book you want everyone to read?
The two that are in my head are Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford and The Color of Light by Helen Maryles Shankman. Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford is an incredibly beautiful story of a young woman, Willow Frost who has to make a very tragic choice for her survival, and of the boy who suspects that Willow Frost may be his mother. I found myself being able to relate and to understand Willow Frost. 

The Color of Light by Helen Maryles Shankman, simply put, Holocaust and vampires. (Sounds tempting, doesn't it?) Its also incredibly vivid, beautiful and much to mine surprise, it aligned very well with a story that I was struggling to begin. Oddly enough, after reading this book, it's as if something has clicked and at least I have beginning for my story. (Still need to continue to write though.) 

Recommend an underrated book
Way too many once more. I tend to read a lot of hidden gems that will go nicely into this category, but I would really recommend A Light in the Cane Fields by Enrico Antiporda. Why? It's self published, almost got a five star rating from me, and it also introduces the reader to Phillipino culture. I love how vivid the story is, and how compelling the characters are. 

The last book you finished?
Possibly The Boy Who Wanted Wings by James Conroyd Martin which I will review a little bit later on the blog. The story has AM/WF pairing, in terms of Aleksy Gazdecki, a young Tatar archer and Krystyna who is tomboyish and will do what she can to be with Aleksy. 

Used books, yes or no?
Used books, of course! If I didn't use used books, I'd be broke. I always feel that as long as the book is complete with no missing pages, what does it matter if its used or not? All that matters to me is the story and nothing else. 

Top three favorite genre?
Well, historical fiction, multicultural literature and women's fiction, although I am open to trying out some other fiction. 

I've always had passion for history because I feel that in order to understand the world we live in, we must be acquainted with the history that preceded the world, thus I love historical fiction and discovering different time periods as well as interesting authors. 

I also am an ethnic white (which means I'm not a WASP) and I have to say that I love reading and understanding how people different than I think and feel about things. Its also cool to find books where I can relate and understand what the characters are going through because it makes me feel less alone. 

Women's fiction is because yes, I am a woman and its easy for me to relate to the stories and its easy for me to lose myself in the stories as well. In the past I did try reading masculine genres, but found myself unable to relate to them. 

Weirdest thing you used as a bookmark?

At one point years ago, I used a perfume strip for books because I was told that the perfume strips make the books have fragrances. (Was true.) 

Borrow or buy?

Buy please. This one I'm not really sure how to explain, but there is something about the book that one owns with no obligation to return. I understand the benefits of libraries, but I feel its not the same thing. 

Characters or plot?

How about both? Characters have to be well-written in order for me to enjoy the story, yet the plot has to be believable in order for me to like the stories as well. Let's also say it this way: I don't want a book longer than necessary due to descriptions of characters or the plot because both make and break the story. 

Long or short book?
Currently, long books. I love having big books provided that they're well written and well told. I enjoy short books as well, but recently I began to read long books. Longest books I have with me that are in my head? The Tale of Genji three different versions translated by three different authors, Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo, and The Dream of the Red Chamber divided into five volumes. 

Long or short chapters?
Short chapters please. I'm a busy person and I tend to be a completest. I like short chapters because I can read it and move on to another story. I cannot do the same with long chapters unfortunately. 

Name the first three books you think of

Till Morning Comes by Han Suyin-it tends to pop into my mind a lot because I love the story and enjoyed reading multiple times ever since I got it. 

The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe- A book that was written in 1700s and that has a long and leisurely pace along with lots of vocabulary if you're looking to practice SATs or befuddle family members.

The Foreign Student by Susan Choi-Whenever I think of that book, I am often reminded of my first love, of the time I met him as well as lost him. Unfortunately I also am reminded of someone I know that strongly resembles the male character who is not my first love. 

Books that make you laugh or cry?

Books that I end up reading a lot of times are ones that are sad and in some cases will make me cry. I do enjoy reading books that make me laugh and I will remember them fondly, but ones that I end up choosing are ones where the reader is asked to shed tears. 

Our world of fictional worlds?

I think the 'of" must have been a typo. Depends on the fictional world to be honest. Romance? please sign me up for that fictional world. History? Maybe, maybe not, depends on the topic and how well the ethnic minorities were treated there. (I really don't want to live in a time where I might be despised for my knowledge). I'm not a fan of the real world. 

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

Sometimes yeah. A cover is what causes the reader to investigate the story. Its hard for me to find covers ugly though. 

Audiobooks: yes or no?

No, sorry. I guess I'm an audio-visual person, and I need to see the book and read it along with the audio which probably defeats the purpose of audio books. I simply can't stand still and do nothing but must always do something. (Might explain why movies and shows are difficult for me to watch...)

Book to movie or book to TV adaptation?

Neither perhaps. Books I tend to enjoy are ones that will not be movies or TV adaptations. And anyways, I will be using the time to watch movie to discover more reads and perhaps watch a Korean drama or two. 

A movie or TV adaptation you preferred to the book?

None, really. I'm not big on watching movies, and books I love and enjoy will never be movies. 

Series or standalone?

Standalone, standalone. As I mentioned previously, I don't like getting just one book and would often preffer to finish the series before starting the books. Standalone will allow me to relax and not think about getting the next book. 

Thanks once more Naz and I hope you'll enjoy getting to know me more! 


  1. Thanks for doing this super long tag!

    I'm sorry you don't have many bookstores near your. Even if I don't go to buy books, I love just hanging out at bookstores. I suppose there are also libraries!
    I also prefer standalone novels to anything else. There are soo many books I want to read, that committing to a seeires is kind of daunting. I used to devour series when I was a teen, but now I look for new experiences.

    haha, I've never heard of anyone use a perfume strip as a bookmark.

    Loved these answers!! :)

  2. Hey Naz, I had fun with it. Thanks for tagging me. Since you live in Texas you know that it's a drive only state. I don't drive unfortunately :( which limits me a lot. I can understand that. I do mean stand alone as in no previous appearances in previous books nor in future books. I loved reading some series as a teenager, namely I was obsessed with fear street saga by r.l. stine. That was time before one can find everything on amazon, thus a lot of books were rare and I had to find them over the years, which was not a lot of fun.


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