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G813 Book Review of Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Name of Book: Pachinko

Author: Min Jin Lee

ISBN: 978-1-4555-6393-7

Publisher: Grand Central

Type of book: 1910-1989, Japan, Korea, Koreans living in Japan, faith, religion, marriage, relationships, women, suffering, multi generational, Pachinko, survival, rules, Japanese, WWII, yakuza, negative stereotypes

Year it was published: 2017


Pachinko follows one Korean family through the generations, beginning in early 1900s Korea with Sunja, the prized daughter of a poor yet proud family, whose unplanned pregnancy threatens to shame them all. Deserted by her lover, Sunja is saved when a young tubercular minister offers to marry and bring her to Japan.

So begins a sweeping saga of an exceptional family in exile from its homeland and caught in the indifferent arc of history. Through desperate struggles and hard-won triumphs, its members are bound together by deep roots as they face enduring questions of faith, family, and identity.


Oh boy, there are tons of characters in the book…

G871 Book Review of Long Black Veil by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Name of Book: Long Black Veil

Author: Jennifer Finney Boylan

ISBN: 978-0-451-49632-4

Publisher: Crown

Type of book: Transgender characters, pretentious, Maine, Pennsylvania, religion, forgiveness, 1980, staying the same, never growing, reunion, death, secrets, friendship

Year it was published: 2017


From the New York Times bestselling author of She’s Not There, a new novel about a woman whose family and identity are threatened by the secrets of her past.

Long Black Veil is the story of Judith Carrigan, whose past is dredged up when the body of her college friend Wailer is discovered 20 years after her disappearance in Philadelphia’s notorious and abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary. Judith is the only witness who can testify to the innocence of her friend Casey, who had married Wailer only days before her death.

The only problem is that on that fateful night at the prison, Judith was a very different person from the woman she is today. In order to defend her old friend and uncover …

G856 Book Review of Under the approaching dark by Anna Belfrage

Name of Book: Under the Approaching Dark

Author: Anna Belfrage

ISBN: 978-1-78803-509-5

Publisher: Matador Books

Type of book: England, Edward III, 1327-1328, medieval life, marriage, relationships, family, loyalty, revenge, secrets, Queen Isabella, Roger Mortimer, power,

Year it was published: 2017


Adam de Guirande has cause to believe the turbulent times are behind him: Hugh Despenser is dead and Edward II is forced to abdicate in favour of his young son. It is time to look forward, to a bright new world in which the young king, guided by his council, heals his kingdom and restores its greatness. But the turmoil is far from over.

After years of strife, England in the early months of 1327 is a country in need of stability, and many turn with hope towards the new young king, Edward III. But Edward is too young to rule, so instead it is his mother, Queen Isabella, and her lover, Roger Mortimer, who do the actual governing, much to the dislike of barons such as Henry of Lancaster.

In …

G864 Book Review of seeing double by Nancy j Alexander

Name of Book: Seeing Double

Author: Nancy J. Alexander

ISBN: 9781512160291

Publisher: NJA Productions

Type of book: Jewish main characters, Israel, modern times, secrecy, missions, spying, terrorist cult, charisma, family, siblings, relationships, Lebanon

Year it was published: 2015


"A chill ran up her spine, triggering an alarm that spread through her system. Her eyes studied him as his eyes studied her. In the recesses of her mind, a fragment of a memory tingled...a tiny blip from long ago. An image spiraled, then vanished. There was something about this young man, this Ari Ben Aviv. There was something about him she couldn't pinpoint."

On the heels of her last mystery, Elisabeth's new patient is more than meets the eye, and unraveling his secrets will throw her team into a desert storm of double agents and religious extremists. All that stands between love and ware are two families, two brothers, and two conflicting versions of the truth.


The charact…

G869 Book Review of It happens in the Hamptons by Holly Peterson

Name of Book: It Happens in the Hamptons

Author: Holly Peterson

ISBN: 978-0-06-239150-6

Publisher: 2017

Type of book: 2017, summer, New York, Hamptons, new money, old money, secrets, wealth, satire, local residents, legal dealings, single motherhood, flirting, romance, teenagers, children, scandals

Year it was published: 2017


In the Hamptons, the everyday people are as complicated and fascinating as the millionaires...

When Katie Doyle moves across the country to the Hamptons, she is hoping for summer employment, new friends for her young son, and a chance to explore a new love affair with a dazzling investor. What she finds is a strange cocktail of classes, where society’s one-percenters vacation alongside local, hard-working people who’ve lived in the Hamptons for generations. Though she’s looking forward to their move, Katie is wary about mingling with her boyfriends’ East Coast elite circles. She soon discovers Southampton isn’t all that it seems to be on the surface—and neithe…

G393 Book Review of Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Name of Book: Landline

Author: Rainbow Rowell

ISBN: 978-1-250-04937-7

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Type of book: 2013, christmas, juvenile, marriage, "adult" family, LGBT supporting character, relationships, career, love

Year it was published: 2014


Georgie McCool knows her marriage is in trouble; it has been in trouble for a long time. She still loves her husband, Neal, and Neal still loves her, deeply — but that almost seems beside the point now.

Maybe that was always beside the point.

Two days before they’re supposed to visit Neal’s family in Omaha for Christmas, Georgie tells Neal that she can’t go. She’s a TV writer, and something’s come up on her show; she has to stay in Los Angeles. She knows that Neal will be upset with her — Neal is always a little upset with Georgie — but she doesn't expect him to pack up the kids and go home without her.

When her husband and the kids leave for the airport, Georgie wonders if she’s finally done it. If she’s ruined everyt…

G847 Book Review of The half wives by Stacia Pelletier

Name of Book: The Half Wives

Author: Stacia Pelletier

ISBN: 978-0-547-49116-5

Publisher: HMH Books

Type of book: San Francisco California, 1897, death, life, cemetery, grief, second person narrative, mistress, marriage, wife, families, secrets

Year it was published: 2017


Over the course of one momentous day, two women who have built their lives around the same man find themselves moving toward an inevitable reckoning.

Former Lutheran minister Henry Plageman is a master secret keeper and a man wracked by grief. He and his wife, Marilyn, tragically lost their young son, Jack, many years ago. But he now has another child—a daughter, eight-year-old Blue—with Lucy, the woman he fell in love with after his marriage collapsed.

The Half Wives follows these interconnected characters on May 22, 1897, the anniversary of Jack’s birth. Marilyn distracts herself with charity work at an orphanage. Henry needs to wrangle his way out of the police station, where he has spent the night for disorder…

Book Spotlight for Middle South by Maya Nessouli Abboushi

Book Title: Middle South

Author: Maya Nessouli Abboushi

Publisher: Lanier Press

ISBN/ASIN: 9781610058636


Layla has recently moved out of her parents’ home in the Atlanta suburbs and into an apartment in the city to assert her independence. Between her job as a feature writer for a small newspaper and her social life, Layla has little time to think about marriage and children, much to the dismay of her Lebanese parents.

On a hilarious journey that takes Layla from the Southeast to the Middle East and back, she finds out a little more about herself and what she is looking for in life and in love.

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About the Author:

Meet the Author:

Maya Nessouli Abboushi is a Lebanese American born and raised in the United States. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and three children. This is her first novel.

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April 17 - Working Mommy…

G852 in a different key the story of autism

Title of the book: In a different Key; the story of autism

Author:  John Donovan, Caren Zucker

Publisher: Broadway Books

Publishing Date: 2016

ISBN: 978-0-307-98570-5


Finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction

An extraordinary narrative history of autism: the riveting story of parents fighting for their children 's civil rights; of doctors struggling to define autism; of ingenuity, self-advocacy, and profound social change

Near seventy-five years ago, Donald Triplett of Forest, Mississippi, became the first child diagnosed with autism. Beginning with his family's odyssey, In a Different Key tells the extraordinary story of this often misunderstood condition, and of the civil rights battles waged by the families of those who have it. Unfolding over decades, it is a beautifully rendered history of ordinary people determined to secure a place in the world for those with autism--by liberating children from dank institutions, campaigning for their right to go to…

G787 a dark journey into the light

Title of the book: A Dark journey into the Light

Author: Josef

Publisher: Indie

Publishing Date: 2016

ISBN: 9780646963822

Josef is lost in a secret world of sexual gratification, a true-life Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, unable to halt the “roller coaster of conflicting emotional extremes that never stopped long enough for me to get off.”

He traces the beginnings of his obsession to his childhood, where his natural innocent curiosity and need for exploration were at odds with his Catholic upbringing and the view of his extremely repressed mother, both of whom regarded the human body as ‘dirty’ and ‘shameful’.

For sixty years, Josef lived a secret double life. The only people who knew about this other life were the mistresses, transgender women, and sex workers with whom he indulged every conceivable fantasy. No one in his ‘other’ life had any idea of who he really was or the things he did.

Yet his secret life claimed a terrible toll. The failure of his first marriage. The loss of his s…

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