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G901 Book Review of Raven's feast by Eric Schumacher

Name of Book: Raven's Feast

Author: Eric Schumacher

ISBN: 9781545516843

Publisher: Creativia

Type of book: Vikings, Danes, powers, Hakon, 935-936, North, Uplands, Norway, Swedes, christianity, priests, Eric the Bloodaxe, battles, brotherhood, two sides to the story

Year it was published: 2017


It is 935 A.D. and Hakon Haraldsson has just wrested the High Seat of the North from his ruthless brother, Erik Bloodaxe. Now, he must fight to keep it.

The land-hungry Danes are pressing from the south to test Hakon before he can solidify his rule. In the east, the Uplanders are making their own plans to seize the throne. It does not help that Hakon is committed to his dream of Christianizing his people - a dream his countrymen do not share and will fight to resist.

As his enemies move in and his realm begins to crumble, Hakon and his band of oath-sworn warriors must make a stand in Raven’s Feast, the riveting sequel to God’s Hammer.


Main character includes Hakon who has recently destroyed his brother Eric the Bloodaxe and is now seeking men to help him consolidate power as the rightful king. Hakon is best described as an extremely controversial king because first of all he happens to be a christian in a land before christianity took over, and he refuses to compromise his beliefs which leads to a lot of troubles for him. He also happens to be charismatic as well as impulsive and he is young. Hakon also some advisers and helpers in helping him such as Sigurd who has a wife and a daughter and is seen as a big influence on other nobles. The antagonists included Thorgill who has a personal vendetta against Hakon and is willing to do whatever he can to pursue it as well as Ragnvald who seems to care more for his own skin than for honor.


Its difficult to introduce new beliefs to old beliefs


The story is in third person narrative from Hakon's point of view. I didn't read the previous novel to be honest, and yes, it seems that the story requires the first book because the story seemed to continue from when it was left off and the reader will only pick up bits and pieces about what happened to Hakon previously. The strength of the novel also lies in the vivid descriptions of the world Hakon has inhabited as well as vikings' beliefs which are gruesome.

Author Information:
(From HFVBT)

About the Author

Eric Schumacher was born in Los Angeles in 1968 and currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife, two children and dog. He is the author of two historical fiction novels, God’s Hammer and its sequel, Raven’s Feast. Both tell the story of the first Christian king of Viking Norway, Hakon Haraldsson, and his struggles to gain and hold the High Seat of his realm.
More information on Eric and his Hakon Sagas can be found on his website. You can also connect with Eric on TwitterFacebookGoodreads, and AuthorsDB.


If the reader is looking for a fast paced action novel that takes place in 900s about Vikings and their beliefs prior to christianity taking over, then its a good story to get lost in and to enjoy. The story is of brotherhood, battles, and of survival in a distant and cold land where everyone is out for themselves, or so it seems. A few things did disappoint me in the story; one is the treatment of a female character that the author describes as pockmarked and someone without manners. ( I honestly felt kind of bad for her.) and another is that the story seemed to lack character growth or so. For example, in my eyes, Hakon seemed to have stayed the same in the novel and didn't seem to grow as a person.

This is for HFVBT

4 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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