Saturday, September 1, 2018

Coming attractions for September 2018

Summer has come and passed, my birthday is a month away, and although I have been a bit productive in my opinion, but not as much as I wish, I suppose. Other than that, nothing to really state, besides trying to read some ancient history books once more in September. Can I do it? I cross my fingers that I can. Also, my goal is more reviews on my blog.

Spotlight and book tour schedule

The miracle man- William R. Leibowitz (Review, September 7th, 2018)

Nothing is forgotten-Peter Golden (Review September 11th, 2018)

The Austin Paradox- William R. Leibowitz (Review, September 13th, 2018)

Held together-Jenny Q (Review, September 18th, 2018)


Stolen obsession-Marlene M. Bell (Review, September 24th, 2018)

We meet with manners-Cheryl Esposito ( spotlight, September 26th, 2018)

Hopeful reads:

My half of the sky- Jana McBurney Lin

Pumpkinflowers- Matti Friedman

Rough Passage to London: A sea captain's tale by Robin Lloyd

A Different Mirror; A History of Multicultural America by Ronald Takaki

On the edge of sunrise by Cynthia Ripley Miller

Cometh the hour by Annie Whitehead

Alvar the Kingmaker by Annie Whitehead

Amnesia nights- QUINTON SKINNER

The Power of Context: How to Manage Our Bias and Improve Our Understanding of Others
by Daniel R. Stalder

The devils wind- Steve GOBLE

For fresh fiction:

Vox by Christina Dalcher

The Abbot's Tale by Conn Iggulden

After Nightfall by A.J Banner

The hidden light of the North-Daren Wang

Under a pole star-Stef Penney

The lost season of love and snow- Jennifer Laam

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