Book Challenges

The Classics Club
Since many blogs have joined The Classics Club, where you choose 50+ of classics to be read within the next five years, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon so to speak. So here we go! I will begin in June of 2014 and will hopefully read and finish many of those in June of 2019.

1. A Thousand Splendid Suns-Khaled Housseini
2. Arabian Nights Vol I and II (Signet Version)-Anonymous 
3. Bel Canto-Ann Patchett 
4. Children of the Arbat-Anatoli Rybakov
5. Dust and Ashes-Anatoli Rybakov
6. Family-Ba Jin
7. Fear-Anatoli Rybakov
8. Forever Amber-Kathleen Winsor 
9. Great Russian Short Stories (Anthology)-Various
10. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone-JK Rowling
11. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-JK Rowling
12. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-JK Rowling
13. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-JK Rowling
14. Heavy Sand-Anatoli Rybakov
15. Here's To You, Rachel Robinson-Judy Blume
16. Its not the End of the world-Judy Blume
17. Jephte's Daughter-Naomi Ragen
18. Just as long as we're together-Judy Blume
19. Kite Runner-Khaled Housseini
20. Lorna Doone-RD Blackmore 
21. Sarah Orne Jewett short stories (Anthology)-Sarah Orne Jewett
22. Sarah, Plain and Tall-Patricia McLachlan
23. Kate Chopin's Selected Stories-Kate Chopin
24. Sotah-Naomi Ragen
25. Starring Sally J Freedman as herself-Judy Blume
25. The Awakening-Kate Chopin
26. The Idiot-Fyodor Dostoevsky
27. The Picture of Dorian Gray-Oscar Wilde
28. The Sacrifice of Tamar-Naomi Ragen
29. The Tenth Song-Naomi Ragen
30. Tiger Eyes-Judy Blume
31. The Diary of Anne Frank-Anne Frank
32. Chronicles-Jean Froissart
33. The Secret History-Procopius
34. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks-Rebecca Skloot ( R)
35. The Spirit Catches You and You fall Down-Anne Fadiman (R)
36. The Sunflower-Simon Wisenthal
37. The North China Lover-Marguerite Duras
38. Dream of the Red Chamber-Cao Xueqin
39. The Mysteries of Udolpho-Ann Radcliffe
40. Gone with the Wind-Margaret Mitchell
41. Little House in the big woods-Laura Ingalls Wilder
42. The Song of the Lark-Willa Cather 
43. O Pioneers!-Willa Cather
44. My Antonia-Willa Cather
45. Little House on the Prairie-Laura Ingalls Wilder
46. The Farmer Boy-Laura Ingalls Wilder
47. On the banks of plum creek-Laura Ingalls Wilder
48. Jews without money-Michael Gold
49. By the Shores of Silver Lake-Laura Ingalls Wilder
50. The Long Winter-Laura Ingalls Wilder
51. Little Town on the Prairie-Laura Ingalls Wilder
52. These Happy Golden Years-Laura Ingalls Wilder
53. Evelina-Fanny Burney
54. The Count of Monte Cristo-Alexandre Dumas
55. Dangerous Liaisons-Choderlos de Laclos
56. Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe 
57. The Sultan's Dilemma-Tawfiq Al-Hakim 
58. Snow Country-Kawabata Yasunari 
59. Pedro Paramo-Juan Rulfo 
60. Mrs. Spring Fragrance and other stories-Sui Sin Far 
61. East Wind, West Wind-Pearl Buck
62. Faust Part I-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
63. Madame Bovary-Gustave Flaubert
64. Six Characters in Search of an author-Luigi Pirandello 
65. Diary of a madman-Lu Xun 
66. The Metamorphosis-Franz Kafka 
67. Oedipus-Sophocles 
68. Edgar Allan Poe Short Stories-Edgar Allan Poe
69. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-Robert Louis Stevenson
70. Antigone-Sophocles
71. Sakuntala and the Ring Collection-Kalidasa
72. The Story of Ying-ying-Yuan Chen (Short story)
73. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-N/A
74. The Praise of Folly-Desiderius Erasmus
75. The Narrow Road of the Interior-Matsuo Basho

Crazy alphabet challenge
1.First: Alix Rickloff (The Way to London)
2.Last: Alcott, Louisa May (Little Women) Done
3.Title: The Architecture of Loss (Z.P Dala)
4.First Bianca Marais (Hum if you don't know the words)
5.Last: Ba Jin (family)
6.Title beneath a scarlet sky ( Mark sullivan)
7.First: Caroline Leavitt ( cruel beautiful world)
8.Last: Casper Batya ( Israela)
9.Title: Cecilia ( fanny burney)
10.First: Dana Sachs ( the secret of the nightingale palace)
11.Last: Dray, Stephani and Laura Kamoie ( my dear hamilton) Done
12.Title: The Dovekeepers (Alice Hoffman)
13.First: Enrico Antiporda ( band of gypsies)
14.Last: Estes, Kelli ( the girl who wrote in silk)
15.Title evelina ( fanny burney)
16.First: fanny Burney ( camilla)
17.Last Fay, juliette ( the tumbling Turner sisters)
18.Title: free food for millionaires ( min jin lee) Done
19.First: Gina sorrel ( mothers and others strangers)
20.Last: Gortner, c.w. ( mademoiselle  chanel)
21.Title: a gentleman in Moscow ( Amor towles)
22.First Helene Wecker ( the golem and the djinni)
23.Last Hughes, Lorena ( the sister's of alameda street)
24.Title: the heirs ( Susan rieger)
25.First: Ildefonso Falcones (The Barefoot Queen)
26.Last Ingram, Grace ( red Adams lady) Done
27.Title inheritance from mother ( Minae Mizumura)
28.First: Jun'ichirĊ Tanizaki (The Makioka Sisters)
29.Last: jenoff Pam ( last summer at Chelsea Beach)
30.Title: Jerusalem maiden ( Telia Carner)
31.First: kang Han ( human acts)
32.Last: Kadish, Rachel (The Weight of Ink)
33.Title: kings of broken things ( Theodore wheeler) Done
34.First: Lisa ko ( the leavers)
35.Last Libaire Jardine ( white fur)
36.Title: Lola ( Melissa Lowe scrivener)
37.First Mizumura Minae ( a true novel)
38.Last: Messud, Claire ( the burning girls)
39.Title: Marlene ( c.w. gortner)
40.First: Nicola Cornick ( house of shadows) Done
41.Last: Ng, Celeste ( everything I never told you)
42.Title: Naked ( Eliza Redgold)
43.First Oswald wynd ( the ginger tree)
44.Last: oringer, Julie ( the invisible bridge)
45.Title: the orphans tale ( Pam jenoff)
46.First Paul Scott ( raj quartet)
47.Last Philips max ( snakebite sonnet)
48.Title: the patriots ( sana krasikov)
49.First: Quincy Carroll ( up to the mountains and down to the countryside)
50.Last Quinn, Kate (The Alice Network)
51.Title: queen of Sparta ( t.s. chaudhry)
52.First: randy susan myers ( accidents of marriage)
53.Last: Richter Conrad ( the awakening land trilogy)
54.Title: rain maiden ( Jill m philips)
55.First: Shobha Rao ( girls burn brighter)
56.Last: shreve Anita ( fortunes rocks)
57.Title the seven husbands of Evelyn hugo ( Tamara Jenkins Reid)
58.First: Terence Cheng ( son's of heaven)
59.Last: Tsukiyama Gail ( the street of a Thousand blossoms)
60.Title: Tinman ( Sarah Winman)
61.First: Ursula K Leguin (Earthsea Cycle Trilogy)
62.Last: umrigar thrity ( the storytelling hour)
63.Title: unbound ( John shors)
64.First: vikram seth ( a suitable boy)
65.Last: van alkemade, Kim ( orphan  number 8)
66.Title the vegetarian ( Han kang)
67.First weina dai randall ( empress duology)
68.Last Webb, Heather ( becoming Josephine)
69.Title: what is found, what is lost ( Anne Leigh parrish)
70.First: Xhenet aliu ( brass)
71.Last Xue Xinran (Miss Chopsticks)
72.Title x0 ( Sherrie cronin)
73.First Young-Im Lee (Forgotten Reflections)
74.Last: Yom Sang-seop (Three Generations)
75.Title: the year she left us ( Kathryn ma)
76.First: Zoe Klein ( drawing in the dust)
77.Last: zobair Jennifer ( painted hands)
78.Title: Zinsky the Obscure (Ilan Mochari)

Around the World in 7 Books
Africa- Homegoing Yaa Gyasi
Antarctica- The Comet Seekers Helen Sedgwick
Asia- The tale of genji- murasaki shikibu
Australia- The Thorn Birds Colleen McCullough
Europe- to dance with kings- Rosalind larker
North America- Sacagawea Anna Lee Waldo
South America- the seamstress- Frances von pebbles

Fifty States challenge
Delaware- the book of unknown Americans
Pennsylvania- Back Roads, Marion Hatley, Lili de jong, cruel beautiful world
New Jersey- forever... Mr. Boardwalk, snakebite sonnet
Georgia- My sweet vidalia, gone with the wind
Connecticut- the barbarians are coming, vision in white, bed of roses, savor the moment, happy ever after
Massachusetts- accidents of marriage,painted hands
Maryland- mary's land
South Carolina- the secret life of bees, trouble the water
New Hampshire- fortune's rocks
Virginia- America's first daughter
New York- farmer boy, the idea of him, shelter, isolation door, the golem and the djinni, my dear hamilton
North Carolina- this dark road to mercy
Rhode island- the American heiress
Vermont- the secret history
Kentucky- then like the blind men
Tennessee- the foreign student, come next spring
Ohio- everything I never told you, eating bull, the trees, the fields, the town
Louisiana- cauchemar, five smooth stones
Indiana- the raintree county
Illinois- dollface, what the lady wants, windy city blues
Mississippi- the tilted world
Alabama- to kill a mockingbird, Grace, before I Let You go
Maine-the country of the pointed firs, deep haven, a country doctor
Missouri- gone girl
Arkansas- sit stay speak
Michigan- the dollmaker, belle of two arbors
Florida- staring Sally j Freedman as herself, the drifter
Texas- Ruby, till morning comes, titans, Somerset, roses
Iowa- go away home
Wisconsin- little house in the big woods, conditions of love, a map of the world
California- bridge of scarlet leaves ,the good woman, the good daughter, the good wife, secrets of the apple
Minnesota- on the banks of plum creek, mesabi pioneers, up at butternut lake, butternut summer, moonlight on butternut lake
Oregon- beyond deserving
Kansas- little house on the prairie, the Roanoke girls
West Virginia- the mapmakers children
Nevada- risk of ruin, the Goldfinch
Nebraska- o pioneers, my Antonia, Eleanor and park
Colorado- song of the lark
North Dakota- by the shores of silver lake, the master's butchers singing club
South Dakota- the long winter, little town on the prairie, these happy golden years, work of wolves
Montana- in open spaces
Washington- songs of willow frost, hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet, where'd you go bernadette, love and other consolation prizes
Idaho- lake overturn, Loreena's gift
Wyoming- marchlands
Utah- the 19th wife
Oklahoma- the art of crash landing
New Mexico- tiger eyes, death comes
Arizona- coyote dreams
Alaska- the snow child
Hawaii- diamond head

From Ancient Times to Modern Times Challenge

Ancient Times

The Clan of the cave bear-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Valley of horses-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Mammoth Hunters-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Plains of Passage-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Shelters of Stone-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Land of Painted Caves-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

People of the wolf- W. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear (- 13,000 PME)

Sisters of the black moon- f.j. Pesan do  ( -12,000 PME)

People of the fire- w. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear  (-8,000 PME)

Mother Earth, Father sky- sue Harrison  (-7,056 PME)

My sister the moon- sue Harrison  (-7,039 PME)

Brother wind- sue Harrison  (-7,038 PME)

Song of the river- sue Harrison  (-6,460 PME)

Cry of the wind- Sue Harrison  ( - 6,458 PME)

Call down the stars- Sue Harrison (-6,447 PME)

Noah's Wife-T.K Thorne (-5521 PME)

People of the earth- w. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear  (-5,000 PME)

Peyote fire shaman of the canyons- Mary s black (-4,000 PME)

The angels at the gate- to Thorne  (-1,748 PME)

Isaac and ishmael- Mary for urns (-1,700s PME)

Daughter of the gods-Stephanie Thornton (-1493 PME)

Nefertiti- Michelle Moran (-1,351 PME)

Esther-Rebecca Kanner (-480 PME)

The Queen of Sparta-T.S. Chaudhry (-479 PME)

Fire from heaven- Mary Renault ( -352)

The Conqueror's Wife-Stephanie Thornton (-336 PME)

The Persian boy- Mary Renault ( -332)

Funeral games- Mary Renault (-323--286)

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross (-168 PME, -63 PME)

The First Man in Rome-Colleen McCullough (-110--101 PME)

The Grass Crown-Collen McCullough (-98--86 PME)

Fortune's Favorites-Colleen McCullough (-83--69 PME)

Caesar's Women-Colleen McCullough (-68--58 PME)

Caesar-Colleen McCullough (-54--48 PME)

Memoirs of cleopatra- Margaret George (-60s PME)

I, Claudius-Robert Graves (-41 PME)


Roman Mask-Thomas M.D. Brooke (9 ME)

I, Claudius-Robert Graves (41 ME)

Claudius the god-Robert Graves

Roma Amor-Sherry Christie (37 ME)

The Confessions of Young Nero-Margaret George

Curses and Smoke-Vicky Alvear Shecter (79 ME)

Daughters of Rome-Kate Quinn

Mistress of Rome-Kate Quinn

The gladiatrix- faith L justice


Empress of the Seven Hills-Kate Quinn

Lady of the Eternal City-Kate Quinn

The Three Kingdoms Vol I The Sacred Oath-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol II The Sleeping Dragon-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol III Welcome the Dragon-Luo Guanzhong


The Three Kingdoms Vol I The Sacred Oath-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol II The Sleeping Dragon-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol III Welcome the Tiger-Luo Guanzhong

Rav Hisda's Daughter-Maggie Anton

Family favorites- Alfred Duggan


The Enchantress-Maggie Anton

Hadrian wall- William dietrich


The Scourge of God-William Dietrich

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross

On the Edge of sunset- Cynthia Ripley Miller

The Quest for the Crown of thorns- Cynthia Ripley Miller

Twilight empress- faith L justice


The Secret History-Stephanie Thornton (517)

West Breton story- Tom o'rourke


The Oblate's Confession-William Peak (600s)

Journey to the West Vol I-Wu CHeng'en (600s?)

Journey to the West Vol II Wu Cheng'en (600s?)

Journey to the West Vol III Wu Cheng'en (600s?)

The moon in the palace-Weinda Dai Randall (600s)

The Empress of the bright moon-Weina Dai Randall  (600s)


Court of the Lion-Eleanor Cooney

The King's Nun-Catherine Monroe

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross


Bodo the Apostate-Donald Michael Platt

The Wayward Moon-Janice Weizman

The Tale of Genji-Murasaki Shikibu

To be a queen-Annie Whitehead


To be a queen-Annie Whitehead

Alvar the Kingmaker-Annie Whitehead

The Tale of Genji-Murasaki Shikibu

Avalon-Anya Seton


Naked-Eliza Redgold

The Forever Queen-Helen Hollick

I am the chosen king-Helen Hollick

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross

 The bastard  king- Jean plaidy

The Lion of justice- Jean plaidy

Heir to a prophecy- Mercedes Rochelle

Godwine the kingmaker- Mercedes Rochelle

The Sons of Godwine- Mercedes Rochelle

Fatal rivalry- Mercedes Rochelle

Odin's Child-Bruce Macbain

The Ice Queen-Bruce Macbain

The Varangian-Bruce Macbain

The tale of genji- Murasaki Shikibu


When christ and his saints slept-Sharon Kay Penman

Time and Chance-Sharon Kay Penman

Devil's Brood-Sharon Kay Penman

All Men are brothers (The Water Margin-Shi Nai'an

The Golden Lotus Part I-Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng

The Golden Lotus Part II-Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng

Shadow of the Sowrds-Kamran Pasha

Lionheart- Sharon Kay penman

A king's ransom- Sharon Kay penman

The Rain maiden- Jill M Phillips

The Tiger Queens-Stephanie Thornton


The Bruce Trilogy-Nigel Tranter

The Errant hours- Kate Innes

Here be dragons- Sharon Kay penman

Falls the shadow- Sharon Kay penman

The reckoning- Sharon Kay penman

The Tiger Queens-Stephanie Thornton

The Grip of God-Rebecca Hazell

Solomon's Bride-Rebecca hazell

Consolamentum-Rebecca Hazell

People of the river- w. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear

Sister que3ns- Sophie perinot

She who remembers- Linda lay Schuler

Voice of the eagle- Linda lay Schuler

Let the drum speak- Linda lay Schuler


Let the drum speak- Linda lay Schuler

The Bruce Trilogy-Nigel Tranter

Katherine-Anya Seton (1366)

 A triple knot- Emma Campion

Sinful folk- Ned Hayes

The scholars- Wu jingling

The Master of Verona-David Blixt

Voice of the Falconer-David Blixt

Fortune's Fool-David Blixt

The Prince's Doom-David Blixt

The traitor's wife- Susan Higginbotham

Hugh and bess- Susan Higginbotham

Within the hollow crown- Margaret Barnes Campbell


The Serpent and the Pearl-Kate Quinn

The Lion and the Rose-Kate Quinn

Seabird of Sanematsu-Kei Swanson

Season of Sanematsu-Kei Swanson

The Autobiography of Henry VIII-Margaret George

The Agincourt Bride-Joanna Hickson

The Tudor Bride-Joanna Hickson

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

The Inquisitor's Wife-Jeanne Kalogridis

The sunned in splendor- Sharon Kay penman

 Owen- Tony Riches

Jasper- Tony Riches

Henry- Tony Riches


Henry- Tony Riches

Teresa of the New World-Sharman Apt Russell

The Autobiography of Henry VIII-Margaret George

Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles-Margaret George

The dark lady'said mask- Mary Sharrat

Bitter Greens-Kate Forsyth

 Unbound- John Shores


Bitter Greens-Kate Forsyth

The dark lady'said mask- Mary Sharrat

The lady of the tower- Elizabeth st John

By love divided- Elizabeth st john

The Winthrop woman- Anya Seton

Flight of the Sparrow-Amy Belding

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

East India-Colin Falconer

Highland Jade-Stephanie Bartlett

Forever Amber-Kathleen Windsor

To Dance with Kings-Rosalind Laker

Shinju- Laura joh Rowland

Bundori- Laura joh Rowland

The way of the traitor- Laura joh Rowland

The concubines tattoo- Laura joh Rowland

The samurai's wife- Laura joh Rowland

Black lotus- Laura joh Rowland

The pillow book of lady wisteria- Laura joh Rowland

The dragon king'size palace- Laura joh Rowland

The perfumed sleeve- Laura joh Rowland

The assassin's touch- Laura joh Rowland

Red chrysanthemum- Laura joh Rowland

The snow empress- Laura joh Rowland

The fire kimono- Laura joh Rowland

The boy who wanted wings- James Conroyd Martin

The Popish Midwife-Annelisa Christensen

A traitor's Knot-Cryssa Bazos

 Rebels and traitors- Lindsey davis


The cloud pavilion- Laura joh Rowland

The ronin's mistress- Laura joh Rowland

The incense game- Laura joh Rowland

The shogun's daughter- Laura joh Rowland

The Iris fan- Laura joh Rowland

The Story of the Stone Vol I The Golden Days-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol II The Crab Flower Club-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol III The Warning Voice-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol IV The Debt of Tears-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol V The Dreamer Wakes-Cao Xueqin

The Duel for Consuelo-Claudia H Long

Abundance-Sena Jeter Naslund

The barefoot Queen-Ildefonso Falcones

To Dance with Kings-Rosalind Laker

Sacajawea-Anna Lee Waldo

Becoming Josephine-Heather Webb

Homegoing-Yaa Gyasi

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

Mistress of the court- Laura purcell

Queen of bedlam- Laura purcell

Sisters of Versailles- Sally Christie

Rivals of versailles- Sally Christie

Enemies of versailles- Sally Christie

Push not the river- James Conroyd Martin

Against the crimson sky- James Conroyd Martin

 Against the crimson sky- James Conroyd Martin

The Warsaw conspiracy- James Conroyd Martin

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

What the lady wants-Renne Rosen

Portraits of an artist-Mary F Burns

Zemindar-Valerie Fitzgerald

Shadow of the moon-M.M Kaye

The far pavilions-M.M. Kaye

Sacajawea-Anna Lee Waldo

Homegoing-Yaa Gyasi

Becoming Josephine-Heather Webb

Victoria-Daisy Goodwin

Silk is for seduction-Loretta Chase

Scandal in Satin-Loretta Chase

Vixen in Velvet-Loretta Chase

Dukes Prefer Blondes-Loretta Chase

Gone with the wind- Margaret Mitchell

Mrs. Poe- Lynn Cullen

The far pavilions- m.M. Kaye

Shadow of the moon- m.m. Kaye

Under the wide and starry sky- Nancy Horan

The bridegroom wore plaid- Grace Burrowes

Once upon a tartan- Grace Burrowes

The macgregor's lady- Grace Burrowes

What a lady needs for christmas- Grace Burrowes

Almost a scandal- Elizabeth essex

A breath of scandal- Elizabeth essex

Scandal in the night- Elizabeth essex

After the scandal- Elizabeth essex

In the prince's bed- Sabrina Jeffries

To pleasure a prince- Sabrina Jeffries

One night with a prince- Sabrina Jeffries

Only a duke will do- Sabrina Jeffries

White tigress- Jade Lee

Hungry tigress- Jade Lee

Desperate tigress- Jade Lee

Burning tigress- Jade Lee

Cornered tigress- Jade Lee

Tempted tigress- Jade Lee

Kenjiro- pat barr

I shall be near to you-Erin Lindsay McCabe

The Girl who wrote in silk-Kelli Estes

The half wives-Stacia Pelletier

The Red Thread-Dawn Farnham

The Shallow Seas-Dawn Farnham

The Hills of Singapore-Dawn Farnham

The English Concubine-Dawn Farnham

House divided- Ben Ames Williams


The color of light- Helen marbles shankman

The seven husbands of Evelyn hugo- Tamara Jenkins Reid

Forgotten reflections- young-I'm Lee

Netherwood- Jane sanderson

Ravenscliffe- Jane sanderson

The girl who came home- Hazel Gaynor

Somewhere in france- Jennifer Robson

After the war is over- Jennifer Robson

Moonlight over paris- Jennifer Robson

Love and other consolation prizes- Jamie Ford
Blossoms and bayonets- Jana mcburney Lin

Free food for millionaires- min jin lee

Pachinko- min jin lee

 The painter from shanghai- Jennifer Cody epstein

God's of heavenly punishment- Jennifer Cody epstein

The patriots- Sana Krasikov

The bridge of Scarlett leaves- KristIna Yoshida mcmorris

The foreign student- Susan Choi

Till morning comes- Han suyin

China blues- Pamela Longfellow

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

Orphan Number 8-Kim van Alkemade

Daughters-Consuelo Saah Bahrs

Madame Picasso-Anne Girard

A true novel-Minae Mizumura

The Thorn Birds-Collen McCullough

Homegoing-Yaa Gyasi

Empress of Canton-Juliann Troi

Green Pearl-Juliann Troi

Ellis Island-Kate Kerrigan

City of Hope-Kate Kerrigan

Land of Dreams-Kate Kerrigan

The Lotus Eaters-Tatjana Soli

The Jewel in the Crown-Paul Scott

The Day of the Scorpion-Paul Scott

THe Towers of Silence-Paul Scott

A Division of the spoils-Paul Scott

Naked in Havana-Colin Falconer

Naked in LA-Colin Falconer

Naked in Saigon-Colin Falconer

A light in the cane fields-Enrico Antiporda

The color of our sky-Amita Trasi

The last daughter of Prussia-Marina Gottlieb Sarles

Hotel Moscow-Talia Carner

The Jerusalem maiden- telia carner

A Suitable Boy-Vikram Seth

The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach-Pam Jenoff

Orphan's Tale-Pam Jenoff

The Ambassador's Daughter-Pam Jenoff

Kommandant's Girl-Pam Jenoff

The Diplomat's Wife-Pam Jenoff

Wild girls- Erica Abeel

Autobiography of us- Arial Beth Sloss

Sensing Light Mark a Jacobson

The drifter- Christine Lennon

Fallout- Sadie Jones

Human acts- Han Kang

Chenxi and the Foreigner-Sally Ann Rippin

Sons of heaven- Terrence cheng

The Year She Left us- Kathryn Ma

Heavy sand- anatoli Rybakov

Children of the arbat- anatoli Rybakov

Fear- anatoli Rybakov

Dust and ashes-anatoli Rybakov

The Jewel of St petersburg- Kate furnivall

the Russian concubine- Kate furnivall

the girl from junchow- Kate furnivall

The invisible bridge- Julia Oringer

Snakebite sonnet- max Phillips

Good people- Nir Baram

The Chilbury Ladies' Choir-Jennifer Ryan

Parlor Games-Maryka Biaggio

The cadeuceus and the swastika-Steven M Hacker

A gentleman in Moscow-Amor Towles

Marlene- C.W. Gortner

Mademoiselle channel- c.w. Gartner

The Tumbling Turner Sisters-Juliette Fay

Living Treasures-Yang Huang

The Munich Girl-Phyllis Edgerly Ring

The Ginger Tree-Oswald Wynd

Last night at the blue angel-Rebecca Rotert

Palace Walk-Naguib Mahfouz

Palace of Desire-Naguib Mahfouz

Sugar Street-Naguib Mahfouz

Mandala-Pearl S Buck

The Tea Planter's Wife-Dinah Jeffries

Before the Rains-Dinah Jeffries

Cutting for stone-Abraham Verghese

Setting free the kites-Alex George

The Invisible Mountain-Carolina DeRobertis

The Seamstress-Frances de Pontes Peebles

Bel Canto-Ann Patchett

Everything I never told you- Celeste my

Shelter- Jung Gun

Riding the east wind- otohiko kayo

Native speaker- Cheng was lee

China boy- Gus Lee

Honor and duty- Gus Lee

Tiger's tail- Gus Lee

 Evanthias gift- Effie Kamenou

Beside a burning sea- John shores

Next year in havana- Chanel Cleeton

Contemporary Times

The seven husbands of Evelyn hugo- Tamara Jenkins Reid

The Comet Seekers-Helen Sedgwick

The Secret of the apple-Paual Hiatt

The color of our sky-Amita Trasi

 My Half of the Sky-Jana McBurney Lin

The patriots- Sana Krasikov

The vegetarian- Han Kang

Bird and fish- Adrienne Leslie

Sea and sky- Adrienne Leslie

Accidents of marriage- Randy Susan Myers

The girl who wrote in silk-Kelli Estes

The last Chinese Chef-Nicole Mones

The Garden of SMall Beginnings-Abbi waxand

Daughter of mine-Laura Fabiani

The Windfall-Diksha Basu

Guy-Jowita Bydlowska

The original Ginny Moon-Benjamin Ludwig

It happens in the Hamptons-Holly Peterson

White girl in la casa-Christa Jeanne

Lucky boy- Shanthi Sekaran

The leavers- Lisa ko

Inheritance from mother minae mizumura

Waiting for aegina- Effie Kamenou

The idea of him- Holly Peterson

Future Times:
The Queen of the Tearling
The Invasion of the Tearling
The Fate of the Tearling
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