Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review of #3 Night Maneuvers by Jillian Burns

Name of book: Night Maneuvers

Author Name: Jillian Burns

ISBN: 978-0-373-79638-0

Publisher: Blaze Harlequin

Part of a Series: Vegas Trilogy: Let it ride, Seduce and Rescue prequels to this book

Type of book: Adult, romance, blaze, Vegas, 2011

Year it was published: 2011


Subject: Mitchell McCabe, US Air Force Captain (Call Sign: Casanova)
Current Status: Celibate-because he lost a bet.
Mission: Survive thirty days without sex.
Obstacle: Captain Alexandria Hughes, who's suddenly gone from hotshot pilot to just plain hot!

Alex has had it bad for gorgeous Mitch ever since their academy days, but he's only ever seen her as a wingman, never a woman. It's time she made him take another long, hard look. After years as friends and comrades, Mitch is seeing Alex as the opposite of "one of the guys." Has that smoking-hot body always been hiding under her flight suit? Is she just messing with him? Can he wait a month to discover what he's been missing out on...or are some sizzling night maneuvers a sure bet?


The characters of Alex and Mitch are three dimensional and one can see the inner struggles they go through. Earlier in book, it didn't seem as if Mitch had any feelings for Alex. I think in flashbacks he tried to give her hints to go out with him, (such as telling her to put make up on, etc.) but Alex seemed to care more for independence at the time, thus she didn't take up the hints, and Mitch ultimately had to bury his feelings deep into the heart, which might explain why all of a sudden he seems to like her. The previous characters of Jordan and Jackson, and Grady and Lily also make an appearance and their romances are resolved.


In other books unresolved plots or things (Such as The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan,) really annoy me. In this one though, I actually liked the realism that the plot between him and the family isn't unresolved. I think the main theme is to take a chance and you never know what could happen if you do something unexpected.


This was written in third person point of view with alternating points of view from Mitch and Alex. I don't think it's necessary to read Seduce and Rescue and Let It Ride, but the two books do add more to enjoyment. As I also mentioned, I liked the sense of realism between Mitch and his family, as well as the struggle of emotions between Alex and Mitch.

Author Information:

Jillian Burns has always read romance, and spent her teens immersed in the worlds of Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett. She lives in Texas with her husband of twenty years and their three active kids. Jillian likes to think her emotional nature-sometimes refered to as moodiness- has found the perfect outlet in writing stories filled with passion and romance. She believes romance novels have the power to change lives with their message of eternal love and hope.


In all honesty this was a very enjoyable book. I liked reading how both Alex and Mitch struggled with their emotions towards one another, and that Alex remained herself and didn't become a fashionista after Jordan's makeover. The characters' personality traits stayed consistent in this book as well as previous. Neither of them liked asking for help, and they didn't want anyone else knowing about them. In someways, very realistic novel.(I also would like to think Ms. Burns for making my day by including my name in it. My name is Svetlana, and as one can imagine I never saw my name anywhere. Imagine my surprise when one of the characters had my name!Now I can say that this book had my name on it) Also I always liked the dark haired girl and blond haired man pairing.

4 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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