Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Fifth Story: David's Harp

Name of story: David's Harp

Origin: Palestine Nineteenth Century

Page Numbers: 163-167


King Davis is an owner of a magical harp; one that inspired him to write Psalms, and also one that showed him the future, when his son will built a magnificent temple and how that temple will be destroyed.

Years pass, and after the exile the Jews returned to rebuild their home; among them Shabbatai who wondered where the magical harp could be located and how he can recover it and find out its fate. He concluded that perhaps the harp can be found hanging on a willow tree in Babylon. Everyone laughed and joked at him, and when the desire became great, he left his family and began to travel to Babylon.

He had a difficult journey but believing that the harp was calling him, he somehow made it through the terrible perils. He searched through all the trees next to Babylon River but then became convinced that the harp wasn't anywhere to be found.

He started to beg the sages for help and saw a ghost appear in front of his eyes. The ghost asks him what he wants, and Shabbatai pours the whole story forth. He tells him he's in the wrong place and tells him that the harps were hung in Zion and not in Babylon.

He returned to Zion and his family was overjoyed to see him. He didn't tell them the story of whether or not he found the harp. He began pondering how he can find the harp in Zion and realized that he might travel to Mount Zion.

As he comes upon Mount Zion, he hears unearthly music of the harp and is led to an entrance of the cave. As he walks inside, he sees lots of harps hung and finds King David's harp. He sits down and listens to the harp. Some say that he remains there still, listening to the music of the harp.

Theme: Don't give up on your dreams.

Jewish Music:

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