Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The First Story: Miraculous Dust

Name of the story:  Miraculous Dust

Origin:  Babylon, c. 5th century

Page Numbers 20-22


It was time for gifts so Jews sent Nachum Ish Gam-Zu to the Roman Emperor with a box of jewels. Nachum Ish Gam-Zu stopped at a hotel and the innkeeper and his wife stole the jewels and placed into the box dust from the hotel.

Nachum Ish Gam-Zu continued to travel, not knowing that the jewels were stolen. He arrived at the court and announced he has come here with a gift. Caesar opened the box and saw the dust. He was angry and started condemning Jews and threatened them in various ways.

A miracle occurred then, when an old man, known as Elijah the Prophet (its believed that Elijah often disguises himself as an old man and helps the Jews whenever the time is needed.) talks and convinces the Caesar that Jews would do no such thing and perhaps its a miracle dust.

The Caesar listens to him and when he tries out the dust he finds out indeed that its a miracle dust, for it became weapons and instead of condemning him he let him go.

When Nachum Ish Gam-Zu stops by the same hotel, the innkeeper and his wife are shocked that he's alive and they asked him what he took with him. He told them, "What I took from here I brought there." The innkeeper and the wife then demolish the inn, fill the trunks with dust and arrived at the court, thinking the Caesar will be pleased with the gift.

Much to their surprise, nothing happened and in the end they die, and Nachum Ish Gam-Zu reaches home, the Caesar becomes pleased and in the end the Jews could worship G-d as they please.


From even the worst mistakes sometimes things for the best occur.

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