Monday, December 19, 2011

The Chanukkah Story and purpose

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This is a story that will not be found in Jewish Testament (for some called old testament.) One of my pet peeves is BC, AD and yes, I cannot stand BCE and CE. So instead of that, I will call BCE=PME (Pre-modern era,) and CE will be ME.

From the years of 164 to 161 PME,(at least according to A History of Roman People, 5th edition by Allen M Ward, etc. pg 119) Antiochus IV attempted to make Judea into a Greek state. Antioch IV turned the temple of One G-d into Temple of Baal Shamin. The Jews weren't happy, especially when Antioch IV forbade them from worshiping according to the rules of Moses. Judas Maccabaeus and his brothers Simon and Jonathan led the rebellion against the Romans and even managed to defeat them. In 161 PME the Romans recognized the Jewish temple state as an ally.

The story goes on to tell that after the rebellions, the people returned to the temple and they found it desecrated and destroyed. The only oil that was left would last for one day only and no more. The oil was lit and miraculously, instead of  burning out the next day, the oil lasted for eight days, which is where the miracle comes from.

With the stories from Miriam's Tambourine my intent is to show the miracles. I am not trying to insult or convert or do anything that would be construed offensive. For me this is a way to celebrate Chanukkah and if anyone gets offended, then I am sorry. I might mention Jewish Testament a few times but again, I AM NOT TRYING TO CONVERT OR INSULT ANYONE WHO IS NOT JEWISH. If you do not feel comfortable, then please do not read the stories.

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