Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Third Story: The Maiden in the Tree

Name of story: The Maiden in the Tree

Origin: Eastern Europe 19th century

Page Numbers: 49-55


King Solomon is entertaining Queen of Sheba and tells her that for G-d each match is as difficult as parting the Red Sea. Queen of Sheba doesn't believe him and tells him lets put the theory to the test. She will choose an unmarried girl to go into a tree and the test will be whether or not she'll meet her match this way.

She chose a beautiful maiden and both approached her. He was taken to her home, gave her money and told her family that she will be employed for five years. Only after the consent of the family did he tell her the fate; she will be alone for five years in a tree. He gave her ways of entertainment such as musical instruments and a loom and a magical pheasant will be guarding over her and will bring whatever she needs.

Several years later, a captain's son attempted to steer the boat but then the storm arose and tossed him overboard. The father searched for him but in vain and returned home. The son didn't drown, and became hungry. He saw a peculiar thing of a pheasant carrying basket to a window and someone take the food. He thought it was perhaps an animal due to the incredibly long hair. He found it was a woman, both started talking, he learned how she ended up in the island and they fell in love. He carved a window in the tree, climbed inside and started to live with the maiden. The pheasant discovered both of them and told Solomon, although Solomon decided not to tell Queen of Sheba.  Very soon both fell in love, got married and invited all birds and animals to their wedding.

Few years later more, she gave birth to a girl whom they named Sheba after the Queen, for they were no longer angry at her. The pheasant continues to tell King Solomon of the fate of the couple. He also begins to think its time to tell Queen Sheba all that happened to the couple.

King Solomon's son was about to get married so he invited everyone, both people, animals and birds to attend the wedding and they attended it. When they got off the boat, the son noticed the same picture of someone everywhere and wondered if it was a god that natives worshiped. He is informed that its Israel and that portrait is the son of the captain in hopes that someone will recognize him and save him. The young man recognized the story and himself. When he saw King Solomon he told him the whole story and was reunited with his father, and the girl with her family.

Queen Sheba also saw how great G-d was and every doubt about G-d was erased. She also never doubted the word of Solomon ever again.

Theme: No matter where someone is, they will find their soul-mate eventually.

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