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The Fourth Story: The Golden Amulet

Name of story: The Golden Amulet

Origin: Palestine, c. Eighth Century

Page Numbers: 156-162


This tries to answer the question of what happened to Dinah's child. It starts with Joseph being thrown into the pit and how he learned the mysteries of life and gained wisdom and various knowledge, including the future. Then only thing that is left out is his destined bride. Then after he left it moves on to the infamous story of Dinah, that she was modest and one day Schechem son of Hamor the Hitite, hearing stories about Dinah's legendary beauty, hired some singer and dancing girls to pass by the tent. She came out and he raped her. She became pregnant.

The other brothers became very angry about the fact and wanted to throw the baby into the pit. Jacob, who desired no harm to come to the child, created an amulet for her that identified her mother and the family along with a blessing. Jacob gave the amulet to Dinah and when the time came they went to the fields where Dinah gave birth to a daughter. Dinah gave the amulet to her daughter.

Seven days later, the eagle flew by and seized the daughter and flew her to Egypt where he was fed by the priest Potiphar every day. The girl was adopted by them and named Asenath.

Years passed and Potiphar kept her in seclusion, not allowing her to meet any suitors and whatnot. One day she noticed Joseph's chariot passing by and from first glance she fell in love with him.

Joseph had a dream of seeing his father and that his father gave him a gift of key which turned to a branch and then an amulet. Words were inscribed on the amulet where he learned that forty days before his birth a voice announced the woman he will marry.

Later on, Asenath, hopelessly in love with Joseph, impulsively tossed off her amulet when she saw him pass one day. Joseph wanted to ignore it but didn't. He picked it up, looked up at Asenath and knew for certainty that he was destined to marry her. He read the amulet and realized that the girl was the daughter of Dinah. Later on, Joseph visited Potiphar and asked for her hand in marriage. Potiphar consented.

In the end, when Jacob traveled down to Egypt with his family, Dinah came along and soon the mother and daughter were reunited.

Theme: Should one be far away from the culture they were born in, they'll never be abandoned by it.

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