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The Seventh Story: The Healing Waters

Name of story: The healing waters

Origin: Turkey: Oral tradition

Page Numbers: 209-216


It begins with the legend that King Solomon had a mysterious Mikvah which is a ritual bath whose waters healed all who came seeking aid. King Solomon was legendary among the entire earth, and in Turkey the legend of the bath was well known. There was an evil minister who desired to bring harm to all the Jews and to one in particular, David ben Abraham.

The evil minister approached the Sultan and convinced him to get a bath just like that of King Solomon. The Sultan was flattered and asked of the secret. The evil minister then convinced him that the secret is in possession of Jews, of David ben Abraham in particular. The sultan called him over.

Sultan then orders him to build the bath and fill it with miraculous waters just like that of King Solomon and gives him a year to complete the task. If he succeeds he will become a governor, and if he fails every single Jew will lose their life. David ben Abraham recognized that the plan must be of the evil minister and decides to visit Moses ben Maimon other wise known as Maimonides or Rambam.

Rambam managed to discover the dimensions of the bath as well as the spell that will make waters miraculous. The only thing that he lacked was G-d's name. He prayed to him and was given the true name. David ben Abraham then told the Sultan he is ready to built the baths.

The baths were built, Rambam tested them out and realized that he had forgotten G-d's name. The Sultan tested out the waters and was grateful towards David ben Abraham. He also commissioned the evil minister to paint the baths. The evil minister tried but kept failing and he begged David ben Abraham to tell him how. David ben Abraham revealed that he must use pure oil points instead of lead paint.

David ben Abraham became governor and he and the Sultan often walked and conversed and consulted one another. One day though, the Sultan's ring fell into the sea. The Sultan blamed David ben Abraham and started worrying over nothing; he also asked David ben Abraham to get the ring back within thirty days. If he does, the Sultan will eliminate taxes on Jews and will give them his full protection. If he does not, then the Jews will greatly suffer.

He turns to Rambam who discovers a spell and David ben Abraham begins to make preparations. The evil minister then tries to destroy David again. He pays money so papers questioning Islam can be sewn into specially made shoes. The evil minister convinces the Sultan of the plot that David ben Abraham will lead the rebellion against him and he arrests him and sentences him to be cast into the sea. Rambam, on seeing him near the sea, casts a spell that protects David ben Abraham.

He meets Leviathan who gives him back the ring and asks him to send the evil minister into the seas as soon as he gets back. He agrees and gets on top. Everyone is astounded and David ben Abraham tells him that Leviathan wants to speak to evil minister about the bath. As he is cast, a fish swallows him and he goes to Jewish hell known as Gehenna where he paints a bath but flames swallow the paint. The Jews and David ben Abraham continued to flourish and enjoy life.

Theme: Very often evil plans backfire and what goes around comes around.

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