Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Book Challenge A-Z #6 Homeland by John Jakes

Fulfilling the requirement: 

Alphabetical author the J letter.


As America hurtles through the final explosive events of the nineteenth century, a young German immigrant named Pauli Kroner is about to realize his dream. He will taste a life of privilege in the Chicago mansion of his uncle, Joe Crown, head of a brewery dynasty. But Pauli's ultimate clash with that stern, proud patriarch will force him to a risky existence on the city's dark side. Here he will become Paul Crown, a bold, ambitious man driven by a powerful vision. His rise from penniless newcomer to pioneer newsreel cameraman will span a tumultuous decade of strikes, war, family scandal, and heartbreak in the country he has chosen as his...

Lesson learned:

A home can be earned through pain and good things. A home is unexpected.

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