Monday, December 24, 2012

Last Planned Books

Starting with New Years, I will try to make a bit of a different list rather than the one I always make. I will do it once a week maybe, and will include pictures and summaries of books I plan to read. Wish me luck! (These are books planned for the whole of 2013)

Books to be reviewed:

The music of the dolphins- Karen Hesse
Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy
The Story of the Stone- Xueqin Cao
5. The Dreamer Wakes
The Storyteller Trilogy- Sue Harrison
3. Call Down the Stars

Books I'm Reading:
Oleander Girl- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 25/288
The Odyssey- Homer 332/530 (Norton World Anthology Vol. A)
Cloud Atlas- David Mitchell 353/509
The Metamorphoses- Ovid 272/441
 The Almond Tree- Michelle Cohen Rosanti 27/348
The Scandalous St. Claires- Laurel McKee
1. One Naughty Night 73/684

Life in Ancient Egypt- Adolf Erman 53/550

Future Books:
Arabian Nights Vol. I
Arabian Nights Vol. II
Sir Gawain and the green knight- (Norton World Anthology Vol B)
Lorna Doone- RD Blackmore
East Wind, West Wind- Pearl Buck
The Living Reed- Pearl Buck
A Little Princess-Frances Hodgson Burnett
Little Lord Fauntleroy- Frances Hodgson Burnett
The secret garden-Frances Hodgson Burnett
Evelina- Fanny Burney
The Awakening and selected short fiction- Kate Chopin
Nose- James Conaway
The Court of the Lion-Eleanor Cooney, Daniel Altieri
Francesca of Lost Nation- Lucinda Sue Crosby
Fuente Ovejuna- Lope de Vega (Norton World Anthology Vol C)
Impulsive-Helen Kay Dimon
My Cousin Rachel- Daphen Du Maurier
The North China Lover-Marguerite Duras
Madame Bovary- Gustave Flaubert ( Norton World Anthology Vol E )
Portraits- Cynthia Freeman
The Greek Myths Vol. I- Robert Graves
The Greek Myths Vol. II- Robert Graves
Mythology- Edith Hamilton
The Funny Guy-Grace Allen Hogarth
Cowboys are my weakness- Pam Houston
Rootless- Chris Howard
The hot and cold Summer-Johanna Hurwitz
Snow Country- Yasnari Kawabata (Norton Anthology Vol. F)
Native Speaker- Chang Rae Lee
Tiger's Tail- Gus Lee
Riding the East Wind- Otohiko Kaga
The Best of all possible worlds- Karen Lord
The Bouchard Legacy- Ted Magnuson
The Narrow Road of the Interior- Basho Matsuo (Norton World Anthology Vol D)
The Mysteries of Udolpho- Ann Radcliffe
Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell 
Tree of Souls: Mythology of Judaism- Howard Schwartz
The Tale of Genji- Murasaki Shikibu
Ivanhoe-Sir Walter Scott
Sophy's Choice- William Styron
Faust- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (Norton World Anthology VOL E )
Girls for Breakfast-David Yoo
Stop me if you heard this one before- David Yoo

The House of Earth- Pearl Buck
1. The Good Earth
2. Sons
3. A House Divided
Las Vegas Trilogy-Jillian Burns
1. Let it ride
2. Seduce and Rescue
3. Night Maneuvers
Uniformly Hot- Karen Foley
1. Coming Up For Air
2. No Going Back
The Royal Brotherhood Series- Sabrina Jeffries
1.In the Prince's Bed
2.To pleasure a prince
3.One night with a Prince
4.Only a Duke Will Do
Modern Tigress- Jade Lee
1. The Tao of Sex
2. Getting Physical
Bird and Fish Duology- Adrienne Leslie
1. Bird and Fish
2. Sea and Sky
The Scandalous St Clairs- Laurel McKee
2. Two Sinful Secrets (paperback)
Samurai Duology- Takashi Matsuoka
1. Cloud of Sparrows
2. Autumn Bridge
Harts of Texas Trilogy -Kathleen O'Reilly
1.Just Surrender...
2. Just Let go...
3. Just Give in...
Time Circle Trilogy- Linda Lay Shuler
1. She who remembers
2. Voice of the eagle
3. Let the drum speak
The Once and Future King- TH White
1. The Sword in the stone
2. The queen of air and darkness
3. The ill-made knight
4. The candle in the wind
5. The book of Merlyn
Millie Trilly Trilogy-Lisa Yee
1. Millicent Min, Girl Genius
2. Stanford Wong flunks Big-Time
3. So Totally Emily Ebers

Here, There, Elsewhere- William Least Heat-Moon
A History of the Roman People- Allen Ward, Fritz Heichelheim, Cedric Yeo
Western Europe in the Middle Ages 300-1475- Brian Tierney
Don't know much about History- Kenneth C Davis
The Letters of Abelard and Heloise
The Conquest of Constantinople- Villehardouin
Chronicles- Froissart
Why We Are Here: Mobile and the Spirit of a Southern City-Edward O. Wilson, Alex Harris

Winter Garden- Kristin Hannah

The Winter Sea- Susanna Kearsley

 Forever Amber- Kathleen Windsor

Revolutionary Road- Richard Yates

E-Reading Series:
Rashi's Daughters- Maggie Anton 
1. Joheved
2. Miriam
3. Rachel
The Blackfoot Warriors- Karen Kay
3. Night Thunder's Bride
Lakota Series- Karen Kay
1. Lakota Surrender
2. Lakota Princess
3. Proud Wolf's Woman
The Nancy Drew Series-Carolyn Keene
10. Password to Larkspur Lane
11. The clue of the broken locket
12. the message in the hollow oak
13. the mystery of the ivory charm
14. the whispering statue
15. the haunted bridge
16. the clue of the tapping heels
17. Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk
18. Mystery of the Moss covered Mansion
19. the quest of the missing map
20. the clue in the jewel box
21. the secret in the old attic
22. the clue in the crumbling wall
23. mystery of the tolling bell tower
24. the clue in the old album
25. the ghost of blackwood hall
26. the clue if the leaning chimney
27. the secret of the wooden lady
28. the clue of the black keys
29. mystery at the ski jump
30. the clue of the velvet mask
31. the ringmaster's secret
32. the scarlet slipper mystery
33. the witch tree symbol
34. the hidden window mystery
35. the haunted showboat
36. the secret of the golden pavilion
37. the clue in the old stagecoach
38. the mystery of the fire dragon
39. the clue of the dancing puppet
40. the moonstone castle mystery
41. the clue of the whistling bagpipes
42. the phantom of pine hill
43. the mystery of the 99 steps
44. the clue in the crossword cipher
45. the spider sapphire mystery
46. the invisible intruder
47. the mysterious mannequin
48. the crooked banister
49. the secret of mirror bay
50. the double jinx mystery
51. mystery of the glowing eye
52. the secret of the forgotten city
53. the sky pavilion
54. the strange message in the parchment
55. mystery of the crocodile island
56. the thirteenth pearl
Sons of Chance- Vicki Lewis Thompson
3. Claimed
4. Should've been a cowboy
5. Cowboy Up
6. Cowboys Like Us
6a. Merry Christmas Baby
6b. Already home
7. Long Road home (paper back copy)
8. Lead Me Home (paper back copy)
9. Feels Like Home (paper back copy)

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