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Book Review of Mythology by Edith Hamilton 7.7

General Information:

Name of Book: Mythology

ISBN: 9780316341516

Publisher: First Black Bay

Year it was published: 1942

Overall theme:

"The Greeks did not believe that the gods created the universe. It was the other way about: the universe created the gods. Before there were gods heaven and earth had been formed. They were the first parents. The Titans were their children, and the gods were their grandchildren." (24)

Part Seven: The Mythology of the Norsemen

22. The Stories of Signy and of Sigurd

Observations:Signy is daughter of Volsung and sister of Sigmund. Father and other children had died. Signy married the man who killed the family, bore him children, had sex with Sigmund and gave birth to Sinfiotli; Sinfiotli and Sigmund killed Signy's other children and husband and she then killed herself. Another story, Brunhild disobeys Odin, he puts her to sleep, Sigurd, Sigmund's son, rescues her, but then forgets about her due to a potion and marries Gudrun. He wins Brunhild for Gunnar but truth is found out. In the end Brunhild kills herself.

23. The Norse Gods

Observations: Description of the atmosphere in the north, along with the gods and goddesses as well as how they are different than their Greek counterparts; Odin is aloof and never feasts with heroes, as well as brief tales about the Norse gods.Other gods that are mentioned are Frigga, Balder, Hela or Hel, Loki, Hoder, Hermod, and so forth.

The Creation

Observations: The belief how Norse have created the world; by killing their father and creating stars, moon and sky from his body as well as people and earth and so forth.

The Norse Wisdom

Observations: The wise sayings that Norse have created that are very practical in nature, such as "there lies less good than most bleieve in ale for mortal men." (314) and so on.

The End

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