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G228 Book Review of Forever by Jacquelyn Frank

Name of Book: Forever

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

ISBN: 978-0-345-53490-3

Publisher: Ballantine

Part of a Series: The World of Nightwalkers

Type of book: Romance, adult, paranormal, Egyptian mythology, New York, Blending, night-walkers, spin-off, Pharaoh, death

Year it was published: 2013


After being brought back from death, police officer Jackson Waverly receives the shock of his life: he has become host to a Bodywalker, a spirit that is reborn in flesh and blood, and part of a proud, ancient race that uses its extraordinary gifts to battle dark, evil forces. Jackson’s spirit is a powerful one—none other than the Egyptian pharaoh Menes, who longs to reunite with his eternal love, the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut.

While Menes is obsessed with finding the perfect vessel for his queen, Jackson cannot stop thinking about Dr. Marissa Anderson, the gorgeous precinct shrink who keeps pushing him to confront his grief over the loss of his K-9 partner. But what Marissa really arouses most in Jackson is intense desire, which is exactly what Menes is looking for. To fight a great enemy, pharaoh and queen must join; but to host Hatshepsut, Marissa will first have to die. Fate has given Jackson a profound choice: save Marissa from Menes’ plan or keep an entire species from the brink of extinction.


The time the readers meet Jackson is in Forbidden where I would describe him as loyal to those he cares about which are his friend Leo Alvarez as well as his sister Docia and the dog that has passed away by the name of Chico, which is how he begins to develop deeper feelings towards Marissa. Prior to the Blending he also was unsure and shy when it came to his emotions, not wanting to violate the rule of getting involved with a psychologist. Marissa is best described as someone who is terrified of losing control although she does the best she can under the circumstances and in different situations. Like Jackson she has a younger sister that she had to take care of. She is both tempted and repelled by Menes's/Jackson's offer. Probably after the Blending Menes encourages Jackson to give in to his temptations and to go after Marissa. Of course the reader also meets Leo who is the hero of the next book in the series, and watches an unspeakable act happen to him when he falls into the Templars' hands.


The qualities you possess may be destined for greatness


Its written in third person narrative from Jackson's and Marissa's points of views, although the evil priest is included there, as well as Leo, the hero of the next book titled Forsaken. The action and plot are far more stronger than the character development in the book, and there is a lot of speed as well as indecisiveness when it came to Marissa. Unlike the previous book, I think one has to be more familiar with the world of Night-walkers in order to enjoy it more.

Author Information:
(From TLC)

Jacquelyn Frank is the New York Times bestselling author of the World of Nightwalkers series (Forbidden, Forever, andForsaken), the Three Worlds series (Seduce Me in Dreams andSeduce Me in Flames), the Nightwalkers series (Adam, Jacob, Gideon, Elijah, Damien, andNoah), the Shadowdwellers novels (Ecstasy, Rapture, and Pleasure), and the Gatherers novels (Hunting Julian and Stealing Katherine). She lives in North Carolina and has been writing romantic fiction ever since she picked up her first teen romance at age thirteen.
Learn more about Jacquelyn at her website,, on Facebook, or onTwitter.


Before reading this one, I will highly recommend that Forbidden is read because certain things will make sense only if you read Forbidden. This isn't a stand-alone book and one needs prior one to understand what was going on. Jackson becomes a bodywalker in previous book, not this one, and so forth. Also this book will reveal an important spoiler that affects the previous one and that will affect the next one. In this book as well we learn more about the nemesis of the body-walker politic world, which are Templars of the priestly caste. I did disapprove of Marissa's choice, although I did understand it. I actually found the Templar caste to be interesting and its cool that Jacquelyn Frank gives them more dimension instead of having them fail at every single thing.

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4 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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