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G417 Book Review of A Brief Moment of Weightlessness by Victoria Fish

General Information:

Name of Book: A Brief Moment of Weightlessness

ISBN: 978-1-936419-40-1

Publisher: Mayapple Press

Year it was published: 2014

Overall theme:

Let's see if I can explain it the way I understand it. The stories focus a lot on the moments between the main actions. Somehow they feel fulfilled and finished, which is a unique thing for anthology of short stories.

Author: Victoria Fish

About the Author:
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Vicky outsideAbout Victoria Fish

In addition to writing short stories, Victoria Fish is pursuing her Masters of Social Work. Her stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines, including Hunger Mountain, Slow Trains, Wild River Review, and Literary Mama. She lives with her husband and three boys in the hills of Vermont. A Brief Moment of Weightlessness is her first book.
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1. Where Do You Find a Turtle with No Legs?

Short Summary:

Maddie is a fourth-grader with an older sister named Lizbeth whose father happens to be in jail, and they visit him often. While he is in jail, they have to learn how to handle with one another and how to survive without him.

2. A Brief Moment of Weightlessness

Short Summary:

In first person narrative, Frances and Rosemary are sisters, Rosemary being older and very flirtatious while Frances is very shy. One day Rosemary gets attention of some boys and Frances has to think quickly of what to do.

3. The Sari

Short Summary:

Sarah has recently lost her mother and she has went to India just to spite her father. While in India she has no desire to become more feminine, until she meets Surya who convinces her to get a sari and while there Sarah comes to some interesting conclusions.

4. Green Line

Short Summary:

The point of view seems to bounce from Adam as well as a mysterious lady and Adam's ex-wife who has recently gotten married. Adam is riding the train to visit his daughter Lily against his ex-wife Esme's wishes and while there, he learns an interesting fact.

5. Unleashed

Short Summary:

Alison, her son Thomas and their dog Ike are part of the Dog Visiting Program where they meet a woman with an Alzheimer's and where Alison has to pretend to go along with being her niece.

6. What is the Color Blue?

Short Summary:

Claire and Holly are mother and daughter who recently meet a fascinating neighbor named Isabel with her own daughter. Claire and Isabel become the best of friends, but then Isabel's dark side becomes visible and she confesses her emotions towards Claire who wants to help her.

7. Sanctuary Therapy

Short Summary:

Told in first person narrative from a mother's point of view about how her son Moondog Jackson Hewitt is struggling with cancer and how the dog is optimistic about Moondog's progress.

8. The Last and Kindest Thing

Short Summary:

I suspect that the story is companion to Green Line because Adam makes his appearance and there are mentions of Lily and Esme. Adam has a dog named Banjo who happens to be a 95 lb Bernese mountain dog and is old as well as suffers from cancer. Adam makes a decision to put him  down but while that is going on, tragic consequences happen to him.

9. Phantom Pain

Short Summary:

Katherine's husband recently went through amputation and both have to readjust to more responsibilities towards one another as well as how their marriage will work.

10.  The Voice at the End of the Line

Short Summary:

Valerie is at a sales conference and while there, her daughter Delia calls. Valerie then has to make a choice if she'll stay with a man her daughter hates or if she'll listen to her daughter and be there for her.

11. Between the Dream and Here

Short Summary:

Martha, an elderly woman, is living together with Candace who takes care of her. Her granddaughter Lauren comes over for a visit. While there Lauren worries over various things until Martha invites her to stay for dinner.

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4 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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