Saturday, January 10, 2015

More News

Hey everyone,
Thanks for your patience. I promise to post some of the reviews tomorrow. Good news is that I'm done with more books, which means that I have three left so far to get caught up with...Keep an eye out on:

Peyote Fire-Mary S Black

Death Logs In-E.J Simon

A Perfect Escape-Gillian Felix

Nixon and Dovey-Jay Curry

Heir to a Prophecy-Mercedes Rochelle

Tiger Queens-Stephanie Thornton

Ones I have to work with:

Bodo the Apostate-Donald Michael Platt

The Iris Fan-Laura Joh Rowland

Oracles of Delphi-Marie Savage

THanks again for your patience, and since I gained some more time for reading, I should be finished with them in a few weeks or so. 

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