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Books I Reviewed in 2013

(In late 2013 I joined a few touring companies and began to be introduced to wonderful authors that I even didn't know existed.A lot of books that I remember fondly are either from Goodreads Firstreads program or from various book tours. I want to thank the book touring companies for giving me a chance and for sharing a lot of wonderful authors and literature that I didn't know existed. Fun fact: This is the year I published the most posts, capping out at 326, a record I hasn't repeated up to the present (2016))

Recommendations of the Year: (Books I like)

Turkeys of the Year: (Books I didn't like)

One Naughty Night-Laurel McKee

The Metamorphoses-Ovid

Tree of Souls 1.2-Howard Schwartz

Greek Myths Vol I 2.9-Robert Graves

Mythology 2.7-Edith Hamilton

Oleander Girl-Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

The Almond Tree-Michelle Cohen Corasanti

Password to Larkspur Lane-Carolyn Keene

Tree of Souls 1.3-Howard Schwartz

Two Sinful Secrets-Laurel McKee

Mythology 3.7-Edith Hamilton

Greek Myths Vol I 3.9-Robert Graves

The Odyssey-Homer

The sword in the stone-TH White

Cloud Atlas-David Mitchell

Why we are here-Edward O Wilson and Alex Harris

Tree of Souls 1.4-Howard Schwartz

Mythology 4.7-Edith Hamilton

The Greek Myths Vol I 4.9-Robert Graves

The Queen of Air and Darkness-TH White

Eleanor and Park-Rainbow Rowell

Sailors of Stonehenge-Manuel Vega

Mythology 5.7-Edith Hamilton

The Greek myths Vol I 5.9-Robert Graves

The Ill-made Knight-TH White

Tree of Souls 1.5-Howard Schwartz

Stuck-Lissete E Manning

Night Thunder's Bride-Karen Kay

Claimed!-Vicki Lewis Thompson

Mythology 6.7-Edith Hamilton

Greek Myths Vol I 6.9-Robert Graves

Candle in the Wind-TH White

Tree of Souls 1.6-Howard Schwartz

The book of Merlyn-TH White

Anxious in love-Carolyn Daitch, Lissah Lorberbaum

Rootless-Chris Howard

Mythology 7.7-Edith Hamilton

Joheved-Maggie Anton

The Greek Myths Vol I 7.9-Robert Graves

Tree of Souls 1.7-Howard Schwartz

Elihu Washburne-Elihu Washburne

The Greek Myths Vol I 8.9-Robert Graves

Tree of Souls 1.8-Howard Schwartz

The Witch of Little Italy-Suzanne Palmieri

The Court of the Lion-Eleanor Cooney, Daniel Altieri

The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club-Duncan Whitehead

Miriam-Maggie Anton

Cheaper, Better, Faster-Mary Hunt

The Greek Myths Vol I 9.9-Robert Graves

Tree of Souls 1.9-Howard Schwartz

Girls for Breakfast-David Yoo

Letters of Abelard and Heloise-Abelard and Heloise

Rachel-Maggie Anton

The Cloud Diary-Tony Gilbert

The Intruders-Olive Peart

Francesca of Lost Nation-Lucinda Sue Crosby

Tree of Souls 1.10-Howard Schwartz

Family Pictures-Jane Green

Sugar Baby-Aaron Powell

The legend of the bloodstone-EB Brown

The Monday Night Cooking school-Erica Bauermeister

Little Lord Fauntleroy-Frances Hodgson Burnett

Relentless Seduction-Jillian Burns

Tree of Souls 1.11-Howard Schwartz

A little princess-Frances Hodgson Burnett

Nose-James Conaway

Never seduce a Scoundrel-Sabrina Jeffries

Sex; How to get more of it-Jodi Ambrose

Maelyn-Anita Valle

Intimacy; how to get more of it-Jodi Ambrose

Trust; a new beginning-Cristiane Serruya

Bruce and the road to courage-Gale Leach

Yearnings for Nothings and Nobodies-Rachael Biggs

Nobody but us-Kristin Halbrook

Destiny Rewritten-Kathryn Fitzmaurice

Keeping my hope-Christoher Huh

Darn Good Eats-Jodi Ambrose

Vanguard of Hope-Kathy Steinemann

Starstruck-Rachel Shukert

This Mobius Strip of Ifs-Mathias B Freese

Scream, 'Aye, sir!'-Aaron Powell

Benjamin-Aaron Powell

Choose Well to live well-Laura Boniello

Eclipse of the midnight sun-Timoty M Kestrel

The Plunge-Sindhu S

The Chosen Shell-Katherine Sartori

The Conquest of Constantinople-Villehardouin

Aphanasian Stories-Rhonda Parrish

Trust Betrayed-Cristiane Serruya

Escaping the Chrysalis-J Deelstra

The best of all possible worlds-Karen Lord

A Gospel of Kama Sutra-Poonaam Uppal

Letters from your future-Brett L Bowden

The secret garden-Frances Hodgson Burnett

Stop me if you heard this one before-David Yoo

Fire Always burns-Krista Lakes

Winter Nova-Preston Morgan

Peach Blossom Pavilion-Mingmei Yip

In his stead-Judith Sanders

The Castilian Suite-Graham Blackburn

Book power-Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

My Cousin Rachel-Daphne DuMaurier

Zinsky the Obscure-Ilan Mochari

Palladium Easter Empires-Marc Lane

The King's Ransom-Cheryl Carpinello

Pirates of the Danube-David J Schmidt

50 things to know before having a baby-Lisa M Ruscyzk

A bigger world-Thomas A Ryerson

With Malicious Intent-Saylor Storm

Secrets of a Runaway Bride-Valerie Bowman

Elizabeth; the struggle for the throne-David Starkey

Deephaven-Sarah Orne Jewett

Black Sea gods-Brian L Braden

Night Game-Carol Davis Luce

The Heart of Hyacinth-Onoto Watanna

The Chupacabra-Stephen Randel (First book blog tour for Sage's Book Tours)

Body Traffic-Brandon Collier

The Mail Order Bride-Daris Howard

You Know Who I am-Diane Patterson

The Thread of a Thousand Miles-Alan Yang

Push Not the River-James Conroyd Martin

A Country Doctor-Sarah Orne Jewett

Portraits-Cynthia Freeman

Doug and Carlie-Lisa Smartt

Rising of a dead moon-Paul Haston

Fifty Shades of Grey-EL James

Trail of the Chupacabra-Stephen Randel

Fifty Shades Darker-EL James

Fifty Shades Freed-EL James

Red Shoes for Lab blues-DB Sieders

A Deconstructed heart-Shaheen Ashraf Ahmed

C-Town-Aaron Powell

The year of the great seventh-Teresa Orts

A weak American in Russia and Ukraine-Walter Parchomenko

Starkissed-Brynna Gabrielson

Modern love-Cija Black

The Secret of Emotions-Justice Saint Rain

When it rains the umbrella collection-Prudence Hayes

The Boys start the war-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The Girls Get Even-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Moden Man-Cristiane Serruya

The evolution of human intellect-LN Smith

Bombay Bhel-Ken Doyle

The Country of Pointed Firs-Sarah Orne Jewett

Raquela; a woman of Israel-Ruth Grubber

Boys against girls-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The girls' revenge-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

A traitor among the boys-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

A spy among the girls-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The boys return-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The Green Hills of home-Emma Bennet

Titled windmills-Ann M Beardsley

The girls take over-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Boys in Control-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Girls Rule!-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Whitley and Austin-Parker Paige

Boys Rock!-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Who won the war?-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

THe mythic guide to characters-Dr. Antonio Del Drago

Love's Fate-Tracey Smith

Love's Destiny-Tracey Smith

Love's Chance-Tracey Smith

The Fallen Snow-John J Kelley

Down this road-Kelli Dawn

In the land of the living-Austin Ratner (My first book tour for TLC)

White Oleander-Janet Fitch

Ode to love-Gertrude Probst Muro Jaime Muro Crousillat

Hungry-Darlene Barnes

The Rusmolovo Diaries-EV Schlychkova

Pestilence Rising-L Ryan

Manzanar to Mount Whitney-Hank Umemoto

The Statistical Probability of love at first sight-Jennifer E Smith

Learn, Create, and Teach-Clara Lieu

Dreams in the golden country; The Diary of Zipporah Feldman a Jewish Immigrant GIrl New York City 1903- Kathryn Lasky

The Fences Between Us; The DIary of Piper Davis, Seattle, Washington, 1941-Kirby Larson

Elizabeth I Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England 1544-Kathryn Lasky

Soul in present condition-Mary E Merrell

Inner Course-Rebecca Joy

A time for courage the suffragette diary of kathleen bowen, Washington DC 1917-Kathryn Lasky

Princess of Princesses, Jahanara, India, 1627 by Kathryn Lasky

Standing in the light; the captive diary of catharine carey logan, delaware valley, pennsylvania 1763- Mary Pope Osborne

Isolated, Connected, Kyu-shu island Part I-Hana Da Yumiko

Isolated, Connected, Kyu-shu island Part II-Hana Da Yumiko

Isolated, Connected, Kyu-shu island Part III-Hana Da Yumiko

A journey to the new world the diary of Remember Patience WHipple Mayflower 1620-Kathryn Lasky

Princess of Versailles Marie Antoinette Austria-France 1769- Kathryn Lasky

A picture of freedom; the diary of Clotee a slave girl belmont plantation virginia 1859- Patricia C McKissack

The Drake Equation-Heather Walsh

House Haunting-Mary Merrell

The Emblazoned Red-Dawn McCullough-White

Assassin's Gambit-Amy Raby

Truth be told Adam becomes Audrey-Alexandra Bogdanovic

A light in the cane fields-Enrico Antiporda

Breath in the dark-Jane Hersey

Full Circle-Jane Hersey

Painted Hands-Jennifer Zobair

A time of myths-Chris Blamires

Dirtball; the diaries of a worthless somebody-Eric Olsen

I am Venus-Barbara Mujica

Double Down-Saylor Storm

Curve Appeal-Mary Merrell

Imperfect Pairings-Jackie Townsend

The Hourglass-Sharon A Struth

Saving Rain-Karen Anne Stewart

Promises to keep-Jane Green

Dented Cans-Heather Walsh

The doctor's deceit-Kathy Steinemann

Veneer-Timothy D Willard

The lost art of mixing-Erica Bauermeister

Azlander second nature-Gabriel Brunsdon

An american papyrus-Steven David Justin Sills

Killer Rumors-Antonello Fiore

Truths and Roses-Inglath Cooper

Academic Essays-Steven David Justin Sills

Tokyo to Tijuana-Steven David Justin Sills

An apostate nawin of Thai-Steven David Justin Sills

The unfettered life of kenyon of new orleans-Steven David Justin Sills

Corpus of a Siam Mosquito-Steven David Justin Sills

Gracious Living without servants-Brenda Cronin

Before the larkspur blooms-Caroline Fyfe

House of Earth-Woody Guthrie

The alligator man-James Sheehan

What to expect before you're expecting-Heidi  Murkoff

The color of light-Helen Maryles Shankman

Healing Rain-Karen Anne Stewart


The supreme macaroni company-Adriana Trigiani

Ade; a love story-Rebecca Walker

Ida's story-Steven a Segal

The spirit Keeper-KB Laugheed

The reflections of queen snow white-David C Meredith

After the Rain-Karen Anne Stewart

Red phone box-Salome Jones

Country loving-Cathy Woodman

Scapemaker-Steve V Cypert

The distancers-Lee Sandlin

The sweetest thing-Cathy Woodman

Wifey-Fey Ugokwe (First book tour for Pump Up Your Books)

Short leash-Janice Gary

Seeing Through the Eyes of my Papa's Heart-La Marr Wenrich

Total Books Read: 239

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