Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2017

A House Divided-Pearl S Buck
SR: March 11th, 2016
Stardust- Neil Gaiman
SR: December 21st 2016
The Republic of uzupis- halJi
SR: January 4th 2017
Homegoing- Yaa Gyasi
SR: January 14th 2017
FR: January 15th 2017
Human Acts- Han Kang
SR: January 27th 2017
The extraordinary journey of Vivienne Marshall- Shannon Kirk
SR: January 4th 2017
FR: January 27th 2017
The Semper sonnet- Seth Margolis
SR: December 15th 2016
FR: January 4th 2017
The glorious heresies- Lisa McInerney
SR: November 30th 2016
FR: January 3rd 2017
Hunters in the dark- Lawrence Osborne
SR January 26th 2017
The mortifications- Derek Palacio
SR: December 26th 2016
FR: January 26th 2017
Illusions of Magic- J.B Rivard
SR: January 21st 2017
FR: January 30th 2017
Fatal Rivalry- Mercedes Rochelle
SR: January 30th 2017
The Comet Seekers Helen Sedgwick
SR: January 17th 2017
Where'do you go, Bernadette?- Maria Sample
SR: January 4th 2017
FR: January 8th 2017
The claws of the cat - Susan Spann
SR: September 4th 2016
The French Orphan- Michael Stolle
SR: January 3rd 2017
FR: January 29th 2017
The Secrets of Montrésor- Michael Stolle
SR: January 29th 2017
Unliving the dream- Sandra Vischer
SR: December 28th 2016
FR: January 17th 2017

Tree of Souls-Howard Schwartz
SR: February 10th, 2014
I'm OK, you're a pain in the ass...a love story- DR. J.M. Chamberlain, MPV
SR: October 28th 2016
The skeleton code; a satirical guide to secret keeping- Alla Campanella Ken Massey
SR: December 26th 2016
FR: January 4th 2017
A dark journey into the light- Josef
SR: January 8th 2017
FR:  January 21st 2017

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