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E-Reading G958 Book Review of The Heart of the Highlands: The Beast by April Holthaus

Name of Book: The Heart of the Highlands: The Beast

Author: April Holthaus


Publisher: Grey Wolf

Part of a Series: Protectors of the Crown

Type of book: Scotland, King James IV, kidnapped, poverty, daughter of chieftain, responsibilities, romance, duties, chemistry, protectors

Year it was published: 2015


For hundreds of years, Scotland has battled the English for their freedom. Now, they face a new, unforeseen threat. In a divided world between politics and religion, the young King James V faces a threat from his own people. As civil wars break out amongst the highland clans, James recruits a secret group of warriors for protection. He calls them, the Protectors of the Crown.

Ian MacKay has one mission; to defend the crown no matter the cost. Along with his men, Ian’s mission is to hunt down one of the most dangerous men in the Highlands. While on his journey, venturing into unfriendly territory, he comes across a lass on enemy land that he takes for ransom. However, as events unfold, truths come to light and passions are awakened. Is it Ian whose been captured by her instead?

Keira Sinclair has lived a life of peace and simplicity until now. With her clan on the verge of losing everything, she is forced to wed a Laird from a neighboring clan to ensure that hers survives. During her travels to her new home, her carriage is attacked and Keira is taken hostage by a ruthless man. Caught in the middle of a war that she does not understand, will her secrets be safe, or will she succumb to the Highland warrior who now threatens to capture her heart?


Main characters include Kiera Sinclair, the oldest of her sisters and is red-haired with blue eyes. Recently she has become engaged against her will to another Laird to help her father out but she has no desire to marry this Laird. She is feisty, independent and will not let anyone tell her what to do or to control her. She is also protective of the ones she loves. The Beast aka Ian MacKay has secrets of his own, namely that he is seeking a traitor to King James of Scotland and although he does get frustrated with Kiera, he loves her and often reluctantly allows her to have her way, at least most of the time. He is also a talented actor and can impersonate almost anyone. He will also do whatever he can for people he loves.


Love is doing the right thing even if its hard


This is written in third person narrative from the heroine's and hero's points of view. The story is richly detailed and there really is something about it that makes the reader want to keep on reading. Aside from the romance, there is history to enjoy, Scotland, relationship between Kiera and her family as well as how Kiera is determined to become a helpmate towards Ian and learning how things were like from another point of view rather than the standard British Regency/Georgian Era.

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April is an Award-Winning Author for her Scottish Historical Romances. For more than ten years, she has worked full time in the direct marketing business, but developed a passion of historical romances through her love of reading, history and genealogy. ​

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Despite my misgivings at the beginning, I actually enjoyed the book as well as the story. I liked that the author sticks close to the dialect the characters speak and doesn't all of a sudden veer off into standard English. I also enjoyed learning some unknown history and seeing Scotland in 16th century. I'm not sure how accurate she is with Scottish history, but its a fun read with feisty heroines, travel through Scotland, questioning religion and faith and ultimately making a sacrifice for a loved one rather than for self. Although I had a hard time buying into beginning of romance, by the end the future heroes really grew on me.

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4 out of 5
(0: Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Good, enjoyable 5: Buy it, keep it and never let it go.)

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