Bookish ( and not so bookish) thoughts #6

My apologies that I'm a bit late with this, but my monkey is sick...

1. First of all, my favorite day of the year arrived: December 26th! My family and I don't celebrate christmas, so therefore its exciting when we are just six days away from New Years!

2. I gave the special gift from South Korea to my monkey on 25th, and he loved it; taking the robot trains (as he calls them) everywhere. He even ended up sleeping with them!

3. I hate seeing my monkey being sick and just lying down and being unable to do anything, be it play, build railroads or astound me with a quip or something funny and yet so true.

4. Few days ago we looked at a book about dinosaurs, which he seemed to enjoy and he confessed that his favorite dinosaur was a T-Rex. I also was shocked to find out that the real T-Rex was actually, well, hairy!

5. If my monkey hadn't gotten sick, I would have ended up going to Half Price Books this week, but be that as it may, guess I'll have to settle going there next week or after New Years... 


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